How Tech Businesses Are Changing The Customer Experience?


There was a time when one would send an email to the concerned seller to know the status of their order, and it would mean waiting for days to get a response. Thanks to the web and tech evolution, the customer assistance factors related to businesses have changed for good. Today, you have companies that invest in hotline numbers, live chat and email support all the time, and owing to the unexpected increase in competition, the customer is the ultimate gainer. In this post, we will be talking of tech companies and how they are changing the ground rules to help customers, clients and agencies better.

 Dedicated helpline numbers

If you have been charged wrongly for calling someone or have other kinds of issues related to network, services, payments and more, most companies will have a dedicated number to help you. For example, when you check for t mobile contact, you will find that the company has invested on a dedicated number for the same. However, there is a small change in the trend. Even like three years back, most companies would ask you to follow the IVR and get assistance, but given the level of frustration that customers have faced, human response is more common now. At the end of the day, no customer wants to talk to a robot, and many tech companies have already realized the same.

Focused outsourcing

It is well known that most of the companies outsource their customer service assistance to third parties, often to developing countries, where the costing is much lesser. However, the trend has a shift in that direction too. Today, tech services know the fact that customer attention is limited, and unless they are offering something extra, it is hard to find ground. As such, the focus on dedicated outsourcing has only increased. Most companies take the business process outsourcing part rather seriously, and most tech services would invest a tad extra to get better services, instead of just relying on average BPO services.

Customer engagement

This is something that most companies, irrespective of their genre, are trying to strive for. Gone are times when tech services would get customers or returns from banners and ads. In the current business world, customers want to know their brands better than ever. To cope up with that need, tech services are now using social media, video content, viral campaigns and online marketing in the most advanced ways to create awareness. It is not just about selling a brand, but more about pushing the envelope and getting customers involved in the entire process. The focus has shifted from marketing to grabbing customer attention, and for that, the spendings are more towards generating content and campaigns that clients would be interested in seeing.

If you are keen on making the most of the tech services you use, always keep their contact details handy. When you cannot always browse online, check third party sites that have a compilation of all kinds of customer service numbers.

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