Tips Before Choosing A Firm For Raisebore Operations


Raise drilling is an important process, which is used to create shafts for passing mined ore, or even for creating shafts for ventilation. Raise boring is typically used for the needs of underground mining, to create a hole between two different levels underground in a mine. This is an advanced process, and there are many mining and related industries that depend on this operation, given that it doesn’t require explosives. In this post, we will try to more about this, along with tips on choosing a raise boring service.


Quick facts

Mining industry is a convoluted one in terms of operation, and hence, there is a need to simplify the overall activities. Raise boring pretty much does the same, as it doesn’t use any kind of explosives. The process involves using a machine, which is placed between two levels and used to create the required size of the tunnel, as needed for the specific activity. More mining firms are now investing in this for the fact that it does away with the need for blasts, which doesn’t have any kind of precision, takes a lot of time and has plenty of added hazards. With raise boring, it is pretty much easy to get the right size of tunnel, and one doesn’t need to evacuate the mine, as with blasts. Also, the process can be completed in limited time and within the shift schedule, without losing time for other operations.


Why opt for this technique?

Mine drilling technique is the safest choice for creating tunnels and shafts, and there is almost no danger of the mine collapsing. The tunnel can be created pretty fast, and there is no disruption to the actual work, especially when work is going on at the same time in other shafts. Usually, blasts do impact the rocks around the mine in a big way, something that is pretty much avoidable with drilling.  Not to forget, the costs are much lesser and you are going to have complete control over the operations, which can be done in a speedy way. You can pretty much make a schedule for the work and get it done in a record time.


Choosing a company

There are many companies that deal with raisebore operations, but you need to be extra careful and ask the specific company about what they specialize in. Not all companies have complete international operations, which is something that you might want to check. Usually, top names in the business offer services like raiseboring, boxhole boring, exploration drilling and value-added services, and even if they don’t have big offices in other countries, they have their trusted subsidiaries that can be checked. It is best to seek a quote for their work, and generally, professional companies have their websites, where you can find a lot of information about their background, services and everything else. Take your time to see their work and their equipment, before you make the final choice.


Get started now and look for a few names that’s well reputed for raisebore operations.

Author Bio: Johan has been working in the mining business for the longest time and has experience over 20 years. He is also an avid writer and has author blogs for many sites.

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