All new and effective machines for single stick packaging


Packaging is one of the basic requirements of any product as it protects them from any humidity and dirt and also gives them a unique look.

There are different ways through which packaging can be done, but for doing this appropriate machines are required.

These days, a huge variety of machines are available in market out of which Stick Packing Machine are getting quite popular.

Omag-Pack is leader in the packaging market: it’s strength is the ability to respond to customers’ needs with expertise, skill and innovation, proposing every time the best solution.

As the name suggests, with the help of these machines you can easily do stick packing. In this type of packing three sides are sealed by heating them and giving them a rectangular shape.

Especially designed honey machines

Stick machines are very versatile and offers you number of features through which packing can be done effectively without any problem.

With the help of these machines you can pack anything no matter whether it is tea, coffee, ketchup, sauce, mayonnaise.

In fact you can also pack honey and even for this purpose honey stick packing machine are especially launched.

These machines have all the latest technology attached in them and to make the process more convenient and suitable they have automatic setting option.

Through this option everything will be done by machine from shaping to sealing and as a result you will get packaged and wrapped product.

Multi lane machines

In fact, in order to speed up the work number of multi lane stick packing machine is coming in the market.

They will help in increasing the production level which will be beneficial for your business and firm.

Multi lane machines are easy to use and to make it comfortable for the owners they were given number of customized options.

One of the most important benefits of using this machine is that they are easy to clean and come with number of individual pieces which are easy to replace and can be customized according to your choice.

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