Planning for an Office Move: What You Should Know


Every removal is different. Whilst the activity involves transporting furnishings and accessories between locations, the way each move is handled does vary. If you are relocating your commercial or office operations, you need to align yourself with a mover who understands your special removal requirements.

Office Relocations – Some of the Business Concerns

The goal is to provide the client with a stress-free and safe office relocation, all with the assurance that a minimum in disruptions occurs. In today’s volatile and competitive business environment, businesses must be concerned with such issues as:

  • Data protection
  • Uninterrupted IT infrastructure
  • Security issues
  • Keeping downtime to a minimum

Therefore, it literally pays to choose a mover who is well-experienced in the trade and recognises each local and geographical landmark of an area. Movers should be familiar with a city’s security processes and parking and height restrictions. Knowing this information smooths out the removal process.

Supervising an Office Move

Some clients prefer their office movers in Melbourne completely handle the removal. Specialists, in turn, manage all the components of the upcoming move. Not only do they take care of permits, insurance, and inventory management, they also extend their expertise in the areas of staff communications, cabling, logistics, transport, and storage.


This specialist-type knowledge involves the disassembly and reassembly of the office equipment, including the workstations and boardroom tables. Removal specialists also provide storage facilities that are notably safe. Ample storage is provided with each unit fitted with state-of-the-art security and sprinkler systems. All facilities cater to the client as a large and flexible range of storage alternatives are available for meeting a company’s needs and budget. These alternative can include self-storage units as well as major pallet racking.

Types of Storage

Storage services are available for people who need self-storage, general storage, wine storage, pallet storage, document storage, boat storage, car storage, and caravan storage. Removal specialists for office moves also include cleaning services. The moving company offers comprehensive cleaning to meet the vacating conditions of a lease. Offices are immaculately cleaned to meet the qualifications set forth by the landlord.

Offsite Shredding

Part of an office move also requires the destruction of documents. After all, each relocation offers a business the opportunity to get rid of obsolete documents and files. Having the documents destroyed reduces the need for storage or filing space. Therefore, if you are planning a removal, make sure the moving company offers offsite shredding services. Locked bins should be used to make sure the material remains confidential up to the very end.  Use a company that provides certificates that verifies the shredding.

As you can see, an office removal is quite different from a residential move. Whilst you may move furnishings and accessories in much the same way as you do in a residential move, that is where the similarity ends. Document shredding is as much a priority as is the correct placement of your desks, tables, and chairs. Leave nothing to chance. Make sure you retain the services of a removal specialist who knows all the ins and outs of both commercial and residential moving.

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