Planning the Ideal Garden Party


Summer has arrived, and that means the outdoors can be included when planning a party. A garden party has the potential to be something special, with much more space available than an indoor event. The secret to a successful party is planning, so here are a few tips to help that special occasion one to remember.

Planning is everything

Whatever the reason for your party, you need to plan properly. The first thing to consider is the guest list, with numbers that match the space you have. Crowded get-togethers can be stressful, not only for the host, but the guests as well! Make sure you get your invitations out at least two weeks before the event, and ask people to let you know if they are unable to attend.

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Party décor

An outside party requires light colours, and tablecloths and drapes should be coordinated. No doubt, the party will continue into the evening, so consider some attractive lighting.  A string of lights draped nicely over trees and bushes can have a dramatic effect, and don’t forget the house entrance, food area, and pathways, as these are the areas your guests will occupy. Recycled plastic bottles make great lanterns, just cut off the top section, and fill it halfway with sand. Candles can then be pushed into the centre, and placed around the garden or along the pathways, giving your venue a warm glow. They will not be affected by the wind, and can be placed on the ground or hung in trees.

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Party activities

It’s always a good idea to give your guests some fun games to play,so one should think about the kind of games that would interest them. If they are young people, the lawn is a great place for some energetic games, while children might prefer a treasure hunt, with small prizes cleverly concealed around the garden. For the older people, introducean intellectual guessing game that can be played at the dinner table. There are many things to order, and if you really want to make things easy, contact a party hire company, who can provide everything you need to make the occasion a memorable one.

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The food

The most popular way to entertain in a garden environment is a buffet style, which is very convenient for the host as well.Many people make a sit-down dinner a little impractical, so have one area where all the food is laid out. Make sure the drinks corner is situated close to that, and don’t forget an unlimited supply of ice! Paper plates and plastic glasses are ideal, especially if the guest list is long, and it makes cleaning up much easier.

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The host

While you want everything to be great, you shouldn’t be confined to the kitchen for the entire duration. So enlist the help of some close friends, invite them over in the morning, and get them involved at the planning stage. The host should always mingle with the guests, and try not to spend too much time with one person or group, and make sure you do the rounds. Prepare more food than you think you’ll need, the leftovers will make a refreshing brunch the following morning, besides, it’s always better to have too much than too little.

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