How to Choose a Heat Press?


Most of us are aware of the enormous possibilities that heat press offers for making unique personalised items. A newbie might, however, get confused on how to select the one from the swarm of ones available in the market. Here’s a quick guide to help to make the right choice.

  • Size Matters: Always go for the largest press size that can come in your budget, but a 15×15 heat press is a minimum that is recommended. Bigger size helps in pressing multiple items all at once.
  • Consider Usage: If you are sure that your press will remain stationary then you can go for really heavy ones, but if your work requires you to move it then go for handy ones. A heat press 15×15 is really convenient to transport if you need to take it to various events, fairs, shows etc.
  • Type of Heat Press: This decision is basically based on your preference and space constraints. The most popular types available are clamshell and swinger. Swinger takes nearly double the space required for clamshell, but is better if you want to print a variety of items. It is slightly costlier than the clamshell.

  • Brand Matters: It’s always better to go with a trusted brand name as heat press is not something that you will be changing often. A reputed brand has solid experience behind the designing of the machine and comes backed with a good long warranty period.
  • Where to Buy From: Besides looking for the best possible deal, it is also important to see which vendor will provide the best after-sale support. This is the most important factor to consider before buying a bulky and expensive item.

Hope the above-discussed points help you in making an informed choice.

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