How to Get Your New Business Off the Ground


Starting an online business isn’t as easy as simply creating a website and waiting for the visitors to come pouring in. You need to advertise, you need to be active and you need to take advantage of every opportunity.

 Here are some very cheap and effective ways in which to get your new business off the ground, along with some ideas on how you can uncover cash to finance grander gestures such as PPC advertising.

First for Finance

There are many ways to uncover cash you didn’t know you had. Our two favourites are claiming a tax rebate or converting old currencies and foreign coins. For the former, you can claim tax rebates for a lot of areas you may not initially consider. For instance, you can claim tax back on uniforms, or travel, or even going self-employed.

The latter allows you to make money from old and foreign currencies. If you are crowd funding this can be an agreeable way to ask for donations. Most people have foreign currencies wasting space in their homes and if they donate it to you, they won’t feel out of pocket but you can convert it easily with a site like cash4coins.

Advertising that Pays for Itself

PPC and Adwords are still the most effective ways of driving visitors to a website but you need to ensure the PPC company you choose is legitimate. Costs can spiral out of control if you use a novice. Experienced PPC experts will ensure you make a profit on your PPC campaigns, so your advertising pays for itself while making money for your business too.

Blogger Outreach and Reviews

Over 70% of people read reviews before hiring a freelancer or buying a product online. You can build testimonials from real customers but that will take time. There are companies and magazines who will conduct service and product reviews for free, for instance The Consumer Voice or Sunday Woman Magazine. With these, you can also request a link in the review to your website, which will help your organic SEO and show Google you are a business to be taken seriously.

Start Social

Along with social media advertising, you can also begin a new business by reaching out to contacts you already have. Begin with the social media platform you’re most familiar with and start putting your name out there. Although many advise of mixing professional and personal lives online, when starting a business, these personal contacts can give you the best type of advertising – word of mouth.

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