What Leads to Damaging of your Air Conditioner and How to Fix It?

What Leads to Damaging of your Air Conditioner and How to Fix It?

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Like all electrical systems, air conditioners too will depreciate over time and hence require regular air conditioning service. The unit needs to be maintained otherwise it will use its efficiency and not perform to full capacity – thereby consuming more power. An air conditioner may face issues due to multiple reasons. Air conditioner will let you know that humidity plays a big role. In many cases certain household activities lead to quick damage of the air conditioner. Here are some of the top problems and what needs to be done –


  • Drying of clothes inside the house can adversely affect the smooth functioning of the AC. When the moisture of the air inside the house goes beyond a certain limit then the air conditioning systems fail to function properly. Cooking, bathing, washing clothes and utensils add to the moisture content of the air inside the house. You cannot stop the household activities but you can definitely install exhaust fans. Exhaust fans will drive out the moisture to the outside air and thus protect the air conditioner from overwork. If exhaust fans fail to achieve the target then dehumidifiers will be installed to tackle the moisture of the house.
  • Ducts are used in a cooling system to remove and deliver air. Ducts ensure that the indoor air quality is good and there is thermal comfort in the house. Duct design is crucial and only proficient designers can chalk out the layout of the duct work. If it is not properly designed then a lot of energy will be wasted and the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system will diminish. The layout of the ducts should be such that most of the ducts pass in the house. Ducts outside the house like in garages, attics or staircases can lead to energy losses. The material to be used in duct work is of importance as well. Duct leakages can waste up to 40% of energy.


  • Insulation needs to be done properly by professionals like http://georgiamechanical.com/ so that leakage can be curbed as much as possible. The entire cooling system has to be checked at regular intervals of time so that leakages can be prevented and small issues can be dealt with. Repair on a small scale can be easily carried out and it does not cost too much. But if the problem is unattended then the whole cooling system may collapse and you may have to undergo a lot of problems to fix it.

Trained air conditioning service personnel need to be called in to attend to costly and sophisticated AC equipment. They will conduct preventive maintenance checks and identify any early problems with the unit. Genuine spares will also be used in case of replacements. This together with regular maintenance will help to extend the life of the unit.

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