Powerful technologies that are reshaping the business landscape

Powerful technologies that are reshaping the business landscape

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It is safe to say that one of the best contributions of technology is that it takes the load off people on jobs that they generally ignore or are not too crazy about doing.

But thanks to innovators such as a guru from an IT consultancy in Virginia, one can truly appreciate what technology has done to better the lives and improve market conditions for the benefit of consumers.

Here are some of the powerful technologies that will reshape the business landscape.

The rise of predictive selling

Artificial intelligence is expected to revolutionize and enhance the intelligence component in the selling process, which in fact, is going to bode well both to the seller and the consumer.

AI-driven sales networks are expected to integrate deep-learning neural networks, statistical algorithms and data analysis tools to develop predictive sales programs.

These applications are now commonly found in almost any device that attracts and influences behavior in humans, such as computers, televisions, social media, home appliances and so much more. It will provide not just valuable business intelligence or retailers, but also benefit consumers as it collects data based on the consumer’s habits and activities that will trigger an AI-driven application to predict selling triggers for consumer goods.

Chabot’s invasion

Although bots have earned a bad reputation as a common tool used for fraud by sleazy pseudo-marketing agencies, chatbots have in fact a lot of potentials to help provide the resources to improve customer experience and automate tasks that are considered redundant.

It makes good use of AI-driven automation through responsive chat boxes that simulate human behavior and communicate to consumers in a personalized and nuanced manner.

Other benefits of chatbots are to help consumers in so many ways such as checking for availability of listed products, product and price comparisons, payment assistance and product searches, among others.

Currently under development are chatbots with a voice functionality that would also feature visual ia visual inset of videos and images to provide customers without having to navigate through website pages to inspect products.

Warehouse and storage automation

This is one of the most popular innovations today that has taken ecommerce logistical environments by storm.

Automated AI-driven robots are programmed to navigate, extract and take inventory of products in a supply warehouse to speed up supply chain activity.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has adopted this robotic automated technology in several of its warehouses and has been reported to increase supply chain movements, reduced labor costs and enhanced data collection capabilities such as stock inventory, control, and replenishment.

A Chinese company called Siasun Robot and Automation Co are at the forefront of developing these smart robots which take over labor-intensive work such as parcel sorting, categorizing and packaging.

At the rate e-commerce is growing, fair IT assessments would agree that these powerful technologies would continually transform the market and address the demands and needs of modern-day consumers.