Things To Know About Adhaar Card For The Indian Citizens


The Indian government has made it a mandatory law for having an Adhaar card for all the insane residents. It is similar to a social security number like the people of the US and other places have. It is a UID number that is given to every single individual protected with the de-duplication technology so that all the citizens can be benefited by the subsidies and other benefits offered by the government without the involvement of the middlemen that always mess around by demanding unnecessary money.

Apply for Adhaar Card

To acquire the universal identification number to enjoy all the financial benefits from the Indian government and also as a viable identity proof you need to apply for the 12-digit unique number. You can visit the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)- the body of the Indian government handling the responsibility of providing the Adhaar numbers to the Indians.

The process demands two types of data-

Demographic – This includes your name, age, sex, address etc.

Biometric – In in this process you need to give the finger prints. They will also scan your eyes as a biometric data process.

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Benefits you will enjoy

By acquiring the 12-digit unique number of the Adhaar, you can link it with the PAN, LPG, Bank Account and the Voter ID card. Adhaar signifies your authentic validation as an Indian individual and you are eligible for receiving all the financial subsidies offered by the Indian government.

You can get the monthly subsidies on the LPG. The money is transferred to the bank account that has been updated and linked with the Adhaar card number of yours. Without this number, you will not be given the subsidy.

Those who work under any government rural welfare receive their wages directly in their bank accounts. For that also, the workers have to link their Adhaar to the bank so that they can receive the wages directly in their accounts on the completion of their assigned work without the involvement of any third-party.

Applying passport has become easier with the Adhaar. Now, you can get the passport within the 10 days of application. Without facing much hassle, you can receive the passport even without the police verification initially. It has only become possible with the Adhaar card which is processed under various stages and is protected with high-end scalable technology.

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