4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Moving Company


As a business owner your top priority when relocating your business is to ensure the whole process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Moving to a new building can be disruptive, so it is important to hire a competent commercial moving service, they’ll guarantee your company won’t experience long delays, and they’ll have you up and running in no time.

Here are 4 important questions to ask relocation specialists before deciding to hire them.

What training does your staff receive?

There is a difference between using a contract mover and paid company staff, paid company staff are obliged to respect company property so are more likely to be careful with office items when moving them, whereas, contact movers don’t work for your business so are less inclined to care about your belongings. Therefore, it’s important to source a highly professional relocation company, one which guarantees safety and takes pride in their services. You’ll want a removal company who demands high standards, they should look after their staff members, so they are more likely to represent their company in a professional manner.

Are they covered by insurance?

Hiring a removal company who have insurance is vital to guarantee your belongings are covered in case of any accidents during loading and transport. When you contact the removal service, make an inquiry about their insurance policy, ask them whether they’ll cover any damage to your belongings if an incident occurs. It is important to check whether they have insurance for their employees, you don’t want them to suffer an injury and try to seek compensation from you. Be careful when using your own employees to help you move, you’ll be held responsible for any issues if an accident occurs, loading bulky office furniture isn’t usually part of their job spec.

How do they assess and formulate a quote?

If you contact 5 different office removalists in Melbourne, you may receive 5 different answers to this question. So, it is important to ask them how they formulate a quote, what aspects of the move do they price and how do they differentiate between goods. Try to hire a company who uses a method such as this:

  • Site visitation.
  • Assess the merchandise.
  • Identify the type of equipment used.
  • Evaluate the property.
  • Complete estimate.

Ensure your company gets a binding quote, this is a figure which can’t be altered once the move takes place, it is a fixed price, with no add-ons.


Trustworthy, professional commercial movers won’t ask you to pay the whole amount until all services have been rendered. If you encounter a moving company who insist on payment up front, avoid these companies, even if they offer an incredibly low price. They aren’t reliable and may con you out of a lot of cash.

Moving to new premises is a challenging process, so it is vital that you hire a professional, reliable removal team to assist you with the move. Be vigilant when choosing a removal company, you don’t want to become a victim of a scam and lose out on valuable merchandise.

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