Proper Removal of Underground Oil Tank Pertinent for Health and Land Safety


In order to make sure safety, especially when it comes to oil tank removal, the right steps should be taken. It would be highly imperative if the removal has been due to a leak or the degradation of the underground oil tank. As leakages from tanks could possibly harm the environment and tend to do lasting damages, it would not only lower the value of the land, but also put others residing in surrounding areas at potential risk.

Underground Oil Tank

What danger is involved with underground oil tanks?

This danger involved would be that of oil spills. It does not simply stay where they are. The oil could go deep into the pores of the soil and eventually be exposed to groundwater. It could result in poisoning of fresh water. The contaminated groundwater would be a considerable risk, especially considering that the earth already has short supply of its resources.

Underground Oil Tank

This is why various environmental agencies such as the Department of Environmental Quality would advise the tank owners to inform them immediately about tank leakages. Even if the professional tank management and clean-up group are called, the company should also follow protocol and get in touch with the DEQ for reporting the leakage along with the steps they would be taking to fix the problem.

Hiring of professional companies

Apparently, the immediate course of action would be oil tank removal in order to stop the leakage from continuing. However, due to the situation entailing hazardous materials, it would take well-trained hands for taking care of the situation. They would be the best bet for keeping it under control. As leaks could worsen due to aging or corroded tanks, the wrong handling of a tank might lead to imminent danger for the surrounding area.

Underground Oil Tank

Responsibility of the house owner

It would not be wrong to suggest that the responsibility of practicing safety, especially when it comes to oil tank removal along with management would be in the hands of the owner. The owner could be held responsible for the pollution along with endangerment of the area.

Underground Oil Tank

Maintain complete records of oil tank removal process

It is imperative that you complete records of oil tank removal process along with the cleanup and inspection. It would prove to be significantly helpful in an event when you would sell your property or file for insurance claim. Your records should be inclusive of results of the measurement, notes and photos along with reports from the oil tank sweep NJ and the fire department.

Lastly, as the oil tank removal cost is on the higher side, you should compare the services of all available companies in your region.

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