Take Time to Select the Right Desk for Your Office

Take Time to Select the Right Desk for Your Office

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If you’re thinking about purchasing an office desk, either to replace your current one or for use in your new workspace, here’s a great bit of advice: take your time. Other than a comfortable chair, the desk is the most important item of furniture that you’ll buy. You should have a good idea about the desk size, style, drawer or storage space, and materials used in construction of the desk.

In fact, there are three key elements that you should focus on. First, find out more about the material that the desk is made of, especially the surface material. You want to get this part right without emptying your bank account in the process. Naturally, you’ll need to select a desk that is the correct size for the space available. And, you should make sure that your choice provides plenty of work room and storage space while maintaining the shape and style that you want.

Educated Buyer

When you start shopping for your new desk, make absolutely sure that it is large enough yet allows for space to move around it. This is not the time to guess so measure your office space and take this into account as you view desks online or in person. You should have at least half a metre of walking space on all sides. You’ll find office desks in a variety of widths and lengths so make sure you get one that works in your office.

What about style and colour? Some people will be satisfied only with a traditional desk made of dark wood while others choose the industrial style with a metal body. But you can make a different choice with white office desks from Andrews Office Furniture for a bright, fresh look in a very practical piece of office furniture. These outstanding items come in an array of sizes and styles, including the corner design with left-hand or right-hand configuration and cable portholes for convenience.

If a bench desk is more your style, you can choose from panel legs or square legs. You might even select the practical but stylish wave desktop. Any of these designs will work with your office interior. As you make your choice, be sure to allow for space for your computer, printer, phone, and other desk necessities. If you don’t need space to lay out papers and documents, you may choose a smaller desktop that will be perfect for a laptop computer and one or two other items.

Your Comfort

As you select the desk that you need, be sure that your choice will be comfortable as a work space. This is essential if you spend a lot of time at the desk. You’ll also need to coordinate this choice with storage space and shelving so you minimise the amount of time that you need to retrieve materials as you work. Be sure to plan for a side table or auxiliary desk space as well.

Finally, work closely with someone who knows and understands office furniture so he or she can guide you to the right choice. But don’t be afraid to step outside the lines a bit so that your office reflects your personality.