5-Point Guide For Manufacturing Custom Racing Goods And Headers


Racing teams and other people in the industry frequently need custom products and components. In most cases, clients need custom racing exhaust systems and merge collectors. If you ask around, you will probably find many companies that deal in manufacturing and custom production. However, it makes sense to do some initial research before taking the final call. We have enlisted 5 things that you must check before placing an order.

  • The most crucial thing that matters is the overall background of the company. How long the company has been in business? What kind of services do they offer? Do they offer assistance for specific custom requirements?
  • Secondly, is the company capable of taking custom orders? Not all services are the same. Some just deal in manufacturing of certain components, while others may also offer header repair and other services. Talk to the top rated services to know their production highlights and infrastructure.
  • Product accuracy and reproducibility are extremely crucial in manufacturing of components and mandrel bent exhaust tubing. Before you pick a manufacturer, you need to know their in-house testing process, which is usually done using tools like Zyglo inspection and coordinate measuring machine among other things.
  • The quality of steel and stainless steel used for production is also important. You need to check if the manufacturer is offering a guarantee on the products sold. Also, you must get assistance for the order, in case there is an issue with the manufacturing standards. If you have specific requirements, talk to the company in advance to know if they can achieve the same.

  • Lastly, don’t miss on checking the overall quote of the service. It’s wise to pay for a known service instead of choosing a company that offers big discounts but poor quality products.

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