Knowing the Real Professional – The Story of Gabriel Odinaka


Success is a relative term and can mean many things to many people. However, most of us get inspired when we hear success stories of others, who have made it big in their respective field with sheer hard work and passion. This post is going to be a quick account of Gabriel Odinaka, who is a renowned internet marketing expert. Besides talking of his achievements, we will also talk about his experience and early life in detail.

Early life

Gabriel Odinaka Jibril was born in the northern part of Nigeria in 1991, during the civil war. Soon after, his parents moved to Lagos, where he spent his early years. His parents were extremely focused on his education, and during his schooling period, he has been a brilliant student and was often called a genius by his teachers and others close to him. His performance in academics was phenomenal, while he also scored big in different sports and extracurricular activities at his school. Following his initial schooling in Lagos, he moved to the US, where he enrolled at Southern Illinois University. However, owing to harsh weather of the region, he had to opt out. This was when he joined Alabama A&M University for a course in mechanical engineering. He was among the valedictorians for the batch of 2013 and completed college with honors. Gabriel Odinaka has been a part of the team that participated in the NASA rocket launch competition for the class of 2013. The team won the competition among other 52 participating universities.

Initial phases of his career

After his graduation, he started working with core security labs in partnership to produce a whole range of software solutions. He has been associated with the production of ad blocks, gaming software, and other tools for various renowned online and digital advertising companies. Besides working on core programs, he is best known for his stint as an online marketing expert. He has collaborated with online businesses as an affiliate marketer and has promoted his clients on the web successfully. In 2012, he worked with and has been responsible for driving over $1M in revenue for the company. All of 25, he has already achieved many things in the world of online marketing with numerous success stories and accomplishments.

Moving ahead

While Gabriel Odinaka Jibril has been hugely successful, many of his peers and followers have tried ways of malign him. His name was often taken for scamming services, although there was no proof to such claims. Despite the controversies, he has chosen to remain silent, mainly because he wanted his work to talk about his stance. Apart from being a highly respected internet marketer, he is also a famed mechanical engineer and a triumphant investment trader. He is still associated with many companies as a co-software producer and has been planning new business and investment ideas.

With so many feathers in his hat already, Gabriel Odinaka Jibril surely is making the right moves as a professional and an internet marketing expert.


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