Features To Include In A Comfortable & Productive Office Design


Designing your new office space takes a lot of time and attention to detail, and you want to ensure you create something practical and comfortable for your business. There are features you will want to include in your office design, which do not include slides and other gimmicks, that can help get the most from your employees and ensure they are happy in the workplace. Below are some features you should include in your office design to help create the ideal office environment for your business.

Use Office Partitions In The Layout

Using office partitions is an excellent way to divide your floor plan into different areas for your business. It is worth investing in quality glass partitions from glasspartitioninguk.co.uk, which can help you divide the space in your office and keep it bright by maximising its natural light. Separate the different departments of your business but do not isolate them so they can communicate effectively, which can help create a coherent workplace and boost your worker’s productivity.

Invest In Quality Lighting

You will want as much natural light in your office space as possible, but you will also need electric lighting when it is dark. It is worth investing in quality LED lighting, which is less harsh than traditional fluorescent strip lighting and uses less energy while lasting longer. Purchasing LED lights will cost a little more initially, but these energy-efficient lights can save money and pay for themselves in the long run.

A Place To Relax

Although you pay your employees to come to the office and work, you will want to provide comfortable spaces to relax when taking a break or eating lunch. You will need a canteen where your employees can store, prepare, and eat their food, and other comfortable spaces where people can relax, meditate, watch their phones, or listen to music. Having this space for your employees will help keep them happy and make them work harder when they return to their desks.

Invest In Quality Furniture

It is counter-productive to buy cheap office furniture that is uncomfortable and does not last long. Purchasing this type of furniture is often a waste of money, as you will need to replace it much sooner. It can also affect the comfort of your employees and drastically reduce their productivity and overall performance. Spend money on quality furniture that is comfortable and comes with a warranty and will last for some time before it needs replacing.


You will also want to invest in security for your business which can safeguard your business and your employees. You can install turnstiles that need a fob to activate them and prevent unauthorised people from accessing the workplace. It can also help make your employees feel more secure in the office, giving them one less thing to worry about and allowing them to get on with work. You can install other security features, such as CCTV inside and outside the building, including the car park, and have security guards working in your building.

Consult with professional office designers; they can help you create the perfect space for your business and its employees and help you take it to the next level.

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