Get The Real Insight Of The Heart Throbbing Turbocharged Can-Am Spyder


Turbocharged Can-Am motorbike has shown its outstanding performance to quench the thirst of riders in terms of power, efficiency and thrill.  This amazing version of Can – Am outperforms all other motorcycles available on the market.

Due to sophisticated design, advanced machinery and turbo augmented power delivery, it is considered to be an indomitable winner in the market.

About Turbocharged Can-Am

Turbocharged Can-Am version is made in the production format of the Spyder F3. This motorbike provides an “off reverse trike” putting a rider on a heavy 150 horsepower and 137 lb-ft of torque operating at 6,800 rotations per minute and 5,000 rotations per minute respectively.

To get high output, the engine obtains breathing assistance using a turbocharger and a pair of three-into-three Akrapovic straight pipes. This high efficiency vehicle provides the rider with increased output to run from 0 to 60 mph in approximately 4.3 seconds.


This is the version that satisfies the requirement of riders for sports purpose. Its retuned wheel spin parameters enable riders to get precise rear wheel drifts.

Design features

Turbocharged Can-Am version is designed to exhibit attitude and showmanship, to get ready for the big show. Topping the front side of the vehicle with a LED front stunning signature light imparts special touch to this vehicle. A brand new solo seat is provided with a jogged tail section.

This feature assists in maintaining the rider under the acceleration offered by enhanced power delivery. Automatic meter help in boosting instrumentation and gauge abilities. Installation of a racing “cut off switch” gives a purposeful control over the vehicle.

Its circuit yellow color and comprehensive range of customized graphics captivate the senses of everyone.

Performance features

Turbocharged Can-Am version is powered by a heavy duty Rotax 1330 cc intercooled and turbocharged engine. It offers 150 hp and 137 torque. Built-in high-performance shocks help in taking the best care of suspension duties. The large size of hood provides heavy breathing to the engine with a refurbished air intake.

Racing slicks, Akropivic 3 by 3 erect pipe exhaust, a NASCAR based front spoiler design, a lower gravity center, improved drifting ability, and better tire grip at aggressive turning makes this vehicle fine-tuned to unleash its potential to the fullest.

Besides these remarkable design and performance features, Turbocharged Can-Am motorbike offers unprecedented level of comfort and convenience to its users.

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