What to Know About Active Shooter Response


A sad truth about the world today is that global incidents of active shooters has been at an alarming rise in the recent past. The most affected people are usually those who spend most of their days in institutions such as schools, hospitals, businesses and even in some homes. The case of a random person finding soft targets to commit multiple murders is all too real today and as such, it is upon every individual to ensure that they are always strapped in terms of preparedness of such scenarios. It doesn’t really matter the size of a firm or the number of employees that may be at a particular company. When it comes to mass shootings, an active shooter response is of massive importance.

Who is an active shooter?

As the name suggests, this is an armed person who opens fire on a group of unarmed, innocent persons. While their motives of the shootings may vary from one shooter to another, one thing remains for certain, that the preparedness for such incidents remain of prime value to ensure that minimum lives are lost and that safety measures are upheld.

How does a response help?

Active shooters will always have the upper hand if the people they are attacking are ill-prepared. Preparedness does not mean getting bullet proof vests for every employee in the building in the hopes that the shooter will one day come and aim directly at people’s chests. Rather, it involves training all employees and people who spend time at various institutions on how exactly to behave in the event of an active shooter invasion, such that there are minimum casualties.

In essence, this kind of shooter response boosts your chances of survival when there is an active shooting taking place. It is also a way of ensuring that authorities are contacted early enough so that the suspect can be apprehended before further damage is caused. Of course, there are no guarantees, but considering the fact that having an established and practiced plan greatly increases your odds of surviving, active shooter response cannot be taken for granted.

Many people do not want to fathom the thought of being in an active shooter situation because of the simple fact that the thought makes them feel helpless. This is another way of saying that many people would rather live by chance, rather than to take on the reality with a bold mind. The shooter response is one way of mentally preparing people for any potential shootings so that in the event it actually does happen, no employee is subject to confusion and wrong moves.

In conclusion, if you think about it, you may conclude that none of us is completely safe. The irony is that, we always have a plan for most emergencies that we may face in the future such as a hurricane occurrence, fires, tornadoes and the likes. Why then don’t we have a plan for when a gunman walks in and openly starts shooting at people? This question should be one to challenge you to think about having an active shooter response training to boost your odds of carrying on with your life after.

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