Only the very Best Kitchen Linen and Clothing Services


Every restaurant and kitchen manager knows the importance of kitchen hygiene.  If you want your restaurant to be successful, all of the equipment, utensils, linen as well as catering clothing have got to be spotless.

An unhygienic kitchen is doomed to failure from the start.  Having low-quality kitchen equipment, utensils and inferior linen as well as clothing is a recipe for disaster.  Reliable kitchen linen and clothing providers fully understand the stresses and strains of managing a busy restaurant kitchen.  In terms of linen and clothing, why not take the heat out of the kitchen by letting professional hire firms cater for your needs?

An unbelievable service

Find out more about kitchen linen services by making contact with Johnsons hire. Johnsons hire out clean kitchen linens to businesses across the UK with the minimum of fuss.  Here’s a quick overview of kitchen clothing hire services available:-

  1. Chef jackets – when it comes to catering clothing hire, the chef’s jacket is generally considered to be one of the most functional garments.  It’s also highly symbolic with roots going back to the birth of modern cuisine in the 19th century when French chefs were carving out a new level of respect for the culinary arts. That tradition is still very important today so take advantage of high quality chef’s jackets for hire.
  1. Chef trousers – chef trousers for hire offer the perfect combination of form and function.  Available in dark colours or even with a checkered pattern, they look smart and also conceal stains.  This will help a chef to continue at full steam on the kitchen floor without worrying about having to change clothes before going on to meet guests.
  1. Aprons – the apron really is one of the most functional types of clothing in a kitchen environment.  It protects both cooks and servers from splashes and spills that could easily soil their uniforms. Aprons also add an extra layer of protection against scalding liquids. Sleek and smart, aprons for hire come in a range of styles to suit everyone.


  1. Polo shirts – polo shirts are perfect for any type of restaurant or catering event.  What could be better than hiring black and blue polo shirts for your staff, ideal for al fresco dining, catering functions or casual dining environments? The dark colours will allow your serving staff and food runners to stay behind the scenes even when they are actively at work on the floor.

Make enquiries about top of the range kitchen clothing hire services, a decision you won’t regret.

Don’t forget cloths

Of all the different types of kitchen products available to hire, cloths are easily the most important. Cloths are the workhorses of any restaurant or kitchen area.  Having a supply of clean cloths is essential to:-

  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Grasp hot handles
  • Polish silverware

How about browsing a selection of smart, stylish and functional cloths for hire at cost-effective prices?

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