10 Online Tools for Executive Healthcare Training


For those who are involved in the healthcare training field, there are several online tools and apps that can be utilised in order to ensure that their healthcare staff is up to date on what they need to know. Many of these apps and tools are meant to encourage learning and integration of facts. They also encourage healthcare professionals to have a little fun every now and then, as the job can be one that stresses your entire life.

Cyber Nurse

This is a fun site that offers a way for nurses and other healthcare professionals to increase their concentration levels. Through the use of games, the person will find that their concentration levels start to increase.

Nursing Fun

This site focuses on fun for those in the nursing field, who often go underappreciated for all that they do. This site looks to offer the latest news, while also ensuring that a user has some downtime.

Life – A Study of Genetics and Molecular Biology

This is a segment offered by ThinkQuest that is going to provide some updates on genetics and molecular biology. For training purposes, it can be a great way to ensure that everyone remembers the basics such as blood types and how to properly transfuse these bloods.

Interactive Physiology

This is an interactive game that is dedicated to teaching more about anatomy and physiology to those who are interested. For healthcare professionals, it can be one way to ensure that you have the latest information at your disposal.

The Health Care Game

This game has been raved about by many training professionals who find that it makes a person think about what they would do in these medical situations. In this game, four families are struck by illness and it is up to the person to figure out what is going on and how to best treat them. It is particularly good for those who are just entering into the medical field and need more practice.

Healthcare Training

Medical Cyberworlds

This is a game that is aimed at communication for those in the medical community. Many times, the communication is lost between doctor and patient, and this is an online tool that plans on remedying this through teaching doctors, nurses and other medical professionals how to best approach a patient with news.

Nursing Informatics

This online tool is meant to help nurses in deciding what they should do next. It gives self-assessment quizzes which can actually help a nurse to know where they should be studying and what topics they are excelling at.


This is an interactive health care team training program that was meant to help with team collaboration and reducing medical errors. It can be a great online tool to encourage communication among those in the workplace.

Visible Body

This online tool is for health professionals who are interested or work in anatomy. They will find that there are 3D models that they can use, and this can be a great tool for teaching others or simply staying on top of what is going on in this field.

Cardiac Jeopardy

This fun online learning tool is meant to quiz healthcare professionals who focus on cardiac health. It is a fun way to stay up to date with your knowledge.

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