Social Media Marketing for B2B Business


Social Media Marketing refers to that type of process that gains traffic and attention of audience through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

By marketing, we mean to derive business. And by Social Media Marketing, we mean the business that is derived with the help of Social Media. In this 21st century, every second person is now connected with one or two or many different social networks.

This connecting of people on various sites gives an idea to marketers to pull maximum traffic from these social sites to gain the profit for their business. These can be followed up with as genuine lead generation opportunities. It can be utilised by many different techniques such as advertisements on these social sites, either by inventing the games for the purpose so that audience notices what you have to offer and many such ways.

Goal of Social Media Marketing

The goal of social media marketing is to create the content that is most shared and liked by audience so that their company can gain the exposure, brand name and also broaden the customer reach. Just like SEO, we have SMO which stands for  Social Media Optimisation. This means that marketers can optimize their content on social media to attract maximum visitors. This can be done either by adding the sharing button that will direct them to their profile page or another way can be by creating links that can be shared, liked, comment, tweets etc over social media.

Some Points to Discuss:

Let us discuss some points that we need to go through for social media marketing plan. But before that, let us make you aware what Social Media Marketing Plan actually is. This can be defined as the summary of activities done that is planned by marketers to attract maximum traffic for their business with the help of social media.

1) Create the Marketing Goal

To establish any marketing plan one needs to set up the goal. Setting the goal to any objective gives the motivation and also a fair chance to analyse our mistakes. The goals that will be set, shall be aligned to broader marketing strategy. And if the support of social media is shown that this can grow the business goals and it would be the possibility to get the maximum exposure from audience.

2) Analysis of the Social Media Output

Before creating a plan of action for creating the content, there can be an analysis done. This means that what type of audience is following our social media page, what are our competitors’ latest trends etc. In short, firstly we need to audit the current social media performance and how it’s working. Once the audit and analysis has been done, we get a clear picture of our business that where do we lack and which area needs improvements. Basis on the improvements, take time to determine how to act on every different social profile like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc. As we have different profiles over so many active social media, different action plans will have to be set up to target the different audience.

3) Improving Social Media Accounts

Once the audit and analysis has been done then we can move to next step which includes in improving the media accounts. This can be done by creating the social media account in case not created. And if the account already exists then you can update the account with proper information and refine it top get the better response. Optimizing the account for SEO can bring about more web traffic that can affect the results of the content to large extent. Social media profile should be filled in completely with images and proper information that makes audience curious and hence better reach of content.

4)  Social Media Marketing Inspiration

When you are not sure what kind of content will attract maximum shares and audience, then you can always take reference from competitors. You can check the new trends if any used in to attract the traffic. Not only competitors, but inspiration can also be taken from target audience itself. By seeking that what type of content, images, videos etc are they sharing this gives us an idea of what is going on in the market and what are our audience discussing on. In short, it can be said that the ones we are writing for are themselves the solution of our research.

5) Content Marketing Plan

Once the marketers gets idea what to write then an action plan can be created that will help further in posting over any platform. Making the plans will keep the profile updated as it will all be listed to when and about what has to be written and when to publish.

One thing that is to be taken in mind that this plan needs to be updated regularly as with changing trends. So, these were the action plans on how to act and how to enhance social media marketing.

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