Getting Ready for a Home Move? Make it Easy on yourself with a Little Advice!

Getting Ready for a Home Move? Make it Easy on yourself with a Little Advice!

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Moving homes is not something that people really enjoy doing, is it? I’m sure that most of you out there have experienced how stressful an activity, it can be, and most people dread having to pack for that big move. But with a little forethought and wisdom it can be made a lot easier and simple. Carrying out a few vital jobs before the move, will help to ensure making the move to your new home much more rewarding and stress free. Here are four pieces of advice:

  1. Firstly, get together all of the necessary tools that will be required. Get hold of boxes which will stack together nicely. Begin with a small number of big boxes, double that number of medium sized boxes, which can be placed on top of the big boxes, and then a large number of small boxes. Some removal companies in Bury St Edmunds will provide boxes which are specially made for his job.
  2. Smaller boxes are very useful for the heavier items, this make sure that there’s no overloading a box, which will make it too heavy to move. Obtain a few more smaller boxes than you think you require, as a home usually has a lot more belongings than you just may imagine! You will also need good tape, packing paper, and a marker or two. Most people have found it very helpful to write down the contents of each box as you go along and use a number or letter code for each box and room. This ensures finding things at the new home will go that much easier. Don’t be shy with the tape! Nobody wants them opening and going everywhere during the move.
  3. Go room to room and pack is often the easiest way to move. With this method, you will ensure that all items will be kept together. As you’re packing, just dispose of things that you no longer use or just do not want. (Or take to a friendly charity shop!) When your filing boxes, make certain that all of the space inside the box is used efficiently, and that the boxes are padded with plenty paper inside, if the need be, to ensure that there will be no breakages.
  4. Don’t forget this one! Labelling is of the essence in packing. Make sure all the labels are written out clearly and as descriptive and useful as possible. By using just the word “Kitchen” is not really all that helpful, and although it tells you where the contents have to go, it says nothing about what may be inside the box. “Kitchen — plates and bowls” or “Kitchen — wine glasses: fragile” is a much better way to do it, and will also help you to load up the truck more safely, and unload it easily at the new home. And ensure that ALL boxes with breakables are distinctly labelled “fragile,” and think about putting them aside for loading last.

That should do it! Have a great move and may your new home be “home sweet home!”

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