Effects , Side effects and addiction of Steroids

Effects , Side effects and addiction of Steroids

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Anabolic steroids are synthetic or man-made drugs that promote the growth of testosterone in human body. The more technical term for these steroids is Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS). So, what does testosterone do to human body, it mainly impacts in two ways: Anabolic usage increases bone and muscle building, where as Androgenic usage is responsible for  development of male traits, like facial hair and a deeper voice. These steroids are most commonly used by Athletes to promote their muscle mass and strength. The slang terms for these steroids among athletes include Juice, Roids, Stackers and Gear.

When these steroids are induced or injected into human body, they start helping the body’s muscle produce more protein; this protein in turn will lead to more energy and fuel, which the athletes need for their high performance in their respective sports. These steroids may also help athletes cope up with their rigorous workouts by decreasing the muscle damage that happens during their training. This in turn will help them to work out more harder and more frequently. These drugs like dianabol may also sometimes help in boosting the aggressiveness, which the athletes enjoy for more focus in their respective sport. However sometimes this also shows negative impact on cholesterol levels.

Addiction of Anabolic Steroids:

As mentioned, though they do not cause same mental high as other drugs, these drugs do lead to addiction. The reports on some people include excessive usage of these drugs though they had physical problems and bad effects on their personal relationships. This shows the addictive trait in these drugs. Some people may turn to other drugs to reduce the adverse effects of these steroids like reducing sleep problems and mood swings. When the user starts avoiding these drugs after a prolonged usage, he/she may experience different withdrawal symptoms. Those symptoms include physical weakness, decrease in food intake, behavioural changes, restlessness, craving for steroids, loss of sex drive. The more adverse effect is depression which sometimes can lead to suicides.

Treatment for addiction of anabolic steroids:

People undergoing treatment for this addiction have found behavioural therapy to be useful. A progressive research is needed for better treatment methods. There are some prescribed medicines, which can help people with severe addiction. For instance, anti-depressants are prescribed for dealing with mental problems and prescribed pain killers for muscle aches, headaches. And in some instances, there are medicines which can help restore the hormonal balance of a patient.

Prevention of Steroid usage:

Though total prevention seems impossible, introducing other drugs which are not harmful can be an alternative.

But, only a total change in societal behaviour can bring a complete full stop to this steroid abuse. For instance, we praise the athletes and give them a special respect when they win medals for our country or when our favourite athlete performs extraordinarily, but, in contradiction, we completely disapprove and start despising the same people for steroid usage and abuse. So, until sportsmanship attitude is developed in every one of us and until we stop body shamming, there will be no end to this abuse.