Stainless Handrails and Balustrades Provide Aesthetics and Safety


Whether you use handrails or balustrades in a commercial or residential setting, you will find that they can enhance the looks of your property. Today, rails and balustrades are made with a stainless steel design, and therefore make it possible for you to buy an attractive and safe form of protection.

A Premium Upgrade

Balustrades can also be made of a sturdy glass, which serves to open up living or work spaces. Finishes for balustrades and handrails made of steel are also offered in galvanised and powder-coated styles. The installations, which are made in line with Australian manufacturing standards, are specifically tailored to offer functionality, style and style.

Balustrades for Residential and Commercial Use

Handrails and balustrades can be divided into three main categories. They are classified as balustrading, industrial safety and fall prevention products, or disability and age-assistance products for home and public use. Balustrading safeguards such areas as stairways, walkways, balconies, and ramps, and provides a modern look and function. Quality materials and top-of-the-line fabrication are used in the making of the products.

Rails Used for Industrial Applications

Industrial safety and fall prevention products are manufactured for the regulation of safety in the workplace environment. Rails of this type are made for mobile and static applications and therefore may be used for protecting production lines and fixed manufacturing machines. They are also used for access barriers and to prevent falls off of equipment that is self-propelled.

Grab Rails for Older People

For people who are older or who are disabled, grab rails are designed to increase independence as well as underscore safety. Both home renovators and interior designers can choose from fabricated designs that meet specific and personalised needs.

Fall Prevention Products

Fall prevention products are designed for use in such venues as bathroom facilities, along ramp ways, and in places where crowds need to be managed. The rails are also used in schools, at government sites, and in hospitals. Sports facilities also need the rails to keep people safe in the stands.

More Gleam and Glamour

With respect to stainless balustrades in Melbourne, the metal not only gives this type of security product a sleek look, it also lends gleam and glamour to staircase designs. You can easily match balustrades and handrails with both traditional and modern decors.

For example, you can pair bannisters with such materials as stone, glass, or wood to increase the interest and contrast. Once the installation is fitted, the balustrade does not require any other kind of treatment – only an occasional cleaning.

Configure Your Balustrade

You can choose from satin or mirrored types of railings or balustrades to meet your particular preferences. For example, pair a railing with wood to emphasise the steel’s finish or match your railings or balustrades with glass for an eye-capturing appearance. You can also configure balustrades in a curved style for added appeal.

Whether you are thinking of enhancing a home with a contemporary-twist or you simply want to install rails or balustrades to reduce your level of liability, you will find that these accessories offer a bespoke and high-quality home or commercial solution.

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