Five Ways Businesses can Use Custom Printed Graphics for Marketing Purposes


As a business owner, there are lots of marketing strategies you can use to promote your brand. One such way is to use print media marketing techniques. Despite the attention given to digital marketing, printed marketing method has not lost its relevance. Perhaps what makes it even more compelling is that it adds credibility and creates incredible engagement, and instills a lasting image in the mind of a consumer.

The benefits of print media are visible through its various forms. Print media are available at any given time, are more portable and most importantly, are affordable. Again, print media are informative, since they enable business and companies to advertise their brands in a variety of forms. And did you know that more than fifty percent of potential customers in the United States use print media regularly so as to access information regarding the products and sales? Also, approximately sixty-eight percent of retailers depends on print as their primary marketing strategy, compared with only 8 percent who prefer digital as the core of their marketing strategy.

With an extensive range of technology and the print media channels available, the question now becomes, how can businesses integrate the power of the print with the other marketing strategies so as to maximize its relevance? In short, which are the most effective print media marketing mix perfect for promoting service and product brands? So today in this article, we want to examine ways through which companies can successfully use custom printed graphics in promoting their brands.

5. Loyalty cards and business cards.

If you didn’t know, this unique little pieces of paper could have a great impact on your business. With this at your disposal, potential clients might just grab a few and share with their families, friends and other relatives. You can process lots of them and distribute out during your professional meetings, social events or during any other important occasion. When you give out a business card, you are likely to create a visual and a mental link between your brand and the customer. Choose an excellent promotional item and reward your customers with appealing loyalty and business cards.

For a more glossy and an impressive design, opt for a coated stock paper. Of course, you’ll have to seek help from the available graphics printing company for more advice. At Clash Graphics Printing, you can find adequate help and effective tips on how to design a great item.

4. Flyers and Brochures.

Even during this era of digital and mobile technology, these two printed materials are still very efficient marketing tools. Flyers and brochures are essential marketing devices since they enable you to present and advertise your brand easily and quickly. You can use them directly in your mail campaigns to your current and prospective clients. Besides your location, messaging and logo, also include certain positive testimonials from previous customers, your personal, social media handles as well as your URL.

3. Stickers.

Labels offer an excellent versatility and are ideal for promotion purposes. They are available in varied sizes and options including ovals, rectangles, circle and square stickers and labels. With a quality sticker, you can effectively show an impression, regarding the uniqueness of your brand and services.

2. Banners and Posters.

Did you know that large-size format graphics attract massive attention, thus allowing you to show off your services and other products and even announce an upcoming promotion? Oversized mounted prints often prove useful in helping you advertise your products.

1. Direct mail.

It is widely believed that close to eighty percent of consumers typically scan or read advertising mail since they find them more useful and convenient compared to searching online. In fact, the Association of Direct Marketing found that mail marketing is probably seven times more functional than all the digital channels combined! For larger businesses, you can create flyers and brochures and send through the mail. For direct mail campaigns for smaller business, you can use postcards and branded envelopes and promote events or thank your loyal customers.

The Bottom Line.

Currently, most companies and businesses have somehow switched their focus and efforts on online media presence and have overlooked print media marketing as a result. But, print advertising is equally efficient and can be a formidable tool in your marketing strategy. In fact, print is relatively cheaper as compared to other online campaigns, and most importantly, the technology has even made it available in endless formats. The article has explained to you various ways in which you can exploit the power of print media and take the popularity of your brand to the next level.

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