The Fitbit Flex Tips – How to Get Most of the Fitness Tracker


The fitbit flex band has become the fastest selling gadget of the year. If you have recently purchased the band or thinking about buying a new one, here are many things you must take care of. The dominant hand will move a bit faster than the non- dominant one. Not only this, it will provide more of the data. However, this data collected is certainly not relevant. This would mean that the wearable fitbit flex bands need to be calibrated accordingly.

Once you have logged in the app, tap the icon on home screen and select a wrist. You would have to tell, where you are wearing it on. You can opt for the dominant limb, but the device must need to know to adjust the sensitivity.

The gadget uses GPS data to track the runs and walks more accurately. This will offer information such as pace per mile and the distanced travelled. Moreover, it provides you the option to control playlists inside the application.

Track things you eat and drink

You could also get hold of the drinks and food you have gobbled during the day. All you have to do is synchronize the fitbit account with the ‘my fitness pal’ account to take note of the daily calories intake. This will provide you a better picture of overall wellbeing.

If the sync is enabled the entire day, this will mean that the gadget will sync automatically with the nearby paired devices. This feature is enabled by default in these gadgets. However, this feature will drain battery of the band and connected device. The latest and modified band provides you the option to disable the feature as per your convenience and save power. All you have to do is touch the flex tab on the homescreen of the band.

How will it track your sleep?

This gadget will be with you even when you are asleep. You have to put the device in sleep mode so that it can track your sleep. In case, you forgot to switch on the mode, there is nothing to worry about. You have to tell the device the time you slept and time you woke up and it will handle everything. Your sleep data will be captured for you to monitor later. In this way, you could easily determine the hours when you were most restless, sleepy etc.

If you are performing a stationary activity, the flex will think that you are taking a nap. However, you do not have to worry because gadgets come with a definite solution. You could label these activities easily. Just label the activity correctly and the system will correct itself.

Not only this, the device will help you to set goals on a daily basis. In order to do so, you would have to open the fitbit software. Modify the tiles for the steps displayed on the dashboard of the software. If this is not done by default, you would have to choose the small green menu tab at the top and select the steps box.


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