Five Helpful Tips to Use Data Analytics in Marketing


Unsurprisingly, the key to good data analytics in marketing is analyzing data thoroughly to utilize it for engaging users in real time. This is how you can improve your marketing activity and return on investment.

In fact, being able to gather and analyze data easily and convert it into actionable insights which fee back into your business fast is imperative in this world where there is more than enough information on the likes and dislikes of consumers as well as their activity. But, before using analytics in marketing in Singapore, consider the following tips first.

Make Sure you Have Quality Data

There is no point analyzing poor quality data. Remember that your data is your most significant business asset so make sure you audit it and focus on improving its quality before starting to try to analyze it.

Determine the Data you Have and Ensure you Have Access to All of It

In order to have a full picture of what is happening, you will have to access data from different systems. You may have ERP, HR and CRM systems filled with information as well as internet-based tools full of data. Regardless of your setup, ensure you centralize your data for access.


Set a Clear Goal

It is important to figure out first what you wish to achieve with your analytics before embarking on your analytic journey. Usually, companies begin analyzing data without setting a clear goal and they end up attempting to look for everything in a single go. You have to define the goals you wish to meet as you run analytics projects.

Make Use of the Right Tools for the Right Job

After determining your goal, ensure you have use the right technology in order to meet your objectives.  For a number of analytics, you could make use of open source technology while for others you are likely to need a fast analytic database. Ensure you technology that is designed to cope with your analytic workloads.


Stay Focused

There are plenty of data to do many things with. Never try to do it all at once. Concentrate on what you can find out and never get side-tracked by anything else which might come up. Often, companies end up frustrated with analytics as they have lost sight of what they wanted to achieve in the first place. Therefore, focus on definitely essential.

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