Gift Giving Shows How your Recipient Matters to You


When your business wishes to establish strong client and employee relationships, gift giving is certainly a wise move. Whether you are looking for singapore corporate gifts wholesaler to please your people or keep your clients coming back, you can show your appreciation through these gifts. So, you will want to know some corporate gift ideas that are beneficial to your business relationships.

Corporate Gift Options

Everybody likes a gift and your clients and workers are no exception. While it is the thought which counts, you wish to ensure you give your people and loyal customers the most impressive and memorable gifts. Here are some gift ideas that will surely please any type of recipient.

  • Technology Gifts- If you prefer tech, you nearly always cannot go wrong. Thus, think smart phone cases, blue tooth speakers and stylish thumb drives as you hand out corporate gifts. Solar charging kits and schockproof tablet cases are good tech gift ideas as well.


  • Gift Cards-While giving gift cards can be a little informal for clients, it is idea for your people. Rather than playing the guessing game with cards, you can consider giving your workers some debit gift cards to let them shop anywhere.
  • Food baskets-If you are running out of corporate gift ideas, consider meats, cheese, fruits and chocolate treats in a basket. Certainly, food baskets are perfect gift for workers and clients.
  • Subscriptions- Whether you surprise your client with a free one year of Netflix or give your workers a subscription to their favorite magazine, subscriptions are gifts which keep on giving.


Now that you already have some gift ideas, you should know the benefits which go along with providing corporate gifts.

Encouraging Employee Loyalty

When customers help you in growing your business, your workers serve as the glue which holds your business together. Thus, you need to reward them for their daily hard work and this is where corporate gifts should come into play. You can consider giving your top earners some holiday gift baskets or maybe take everyone on a corporate retreat to show them that a bit of love creates lasting appreciation and loyalty.

Showing your Customers that they Matter to You

Your business thrives because of your customers. Thus, it is imperative to ensure they know how much you value them. With the right gift, you will be able to show your customers and clients your appreciation to them. There is no need for you to go crazy with your gifts. You can get something small and thoughtful since they can already go a long way. Also, keep in mind that happy customers like to tell their family and friends on your thoughtful business.


Promotional Opportunities

Today, a lot of businesses combine marketing with giving of gifts by handing out some promotional corporate gifts. From laptop travel cases to pen sets to stylish jackets, placing the logo and website domain of your company on your gift is an excellent way for promoting your business while showing your appreciation and thoughtfulness.

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