Check These Facts And Details About Gravel Stabilizers!


Gravel is one of the common and popular choices for commercial paving, but is it effective? Experts believe that gravel paving systems are great, as long as you have taken a few extra steps for stabilizing the entire platform. This is where gravel stabilizer system comes in the picture. As the name suggests, the purpose of gravel stabilizers is to enhance the utility of gravel-based driveways, lawns and commercial spaces. Here are some of the quick facts at a glance.

Why consider gravel stabilizers?

Gravel, unlike concrete, can move around. As such, if you have too much traffic in the parking or live in an area that’s prone to frequent storms and rains, the gravel can surface can erode and get damaged. Gravel stabilizer systems are made of plastic grids, which are placed on the top the soil. These grids are large in size and can be placed effectively over a large area. The grids are interlocked with one another, and gravel is filled in these grids, so there is no undue movement, owing to storms, rainwater, erosion, and heavy traffic. As far as maintenance is concerned, there is little or no worries related to these aspects. Also, the system is completely permeable, so you don’t have to bother much about storm water management either.

Knowing the benefits

Pavements, driveways, fire lanes, and commercial spaces that have gravel surfaces often need frequent refills and maintenance, and the cost can be huge at times, especially because the related problems are recurring in nature. With gravel stabilizing systems, you can reduce your long-term costs considerably, without any concerns related to extensive use of the space. No matter the kind of traffic you have, the gravel will not get crushed or pulverized, and thereby, the cost of maintenance is reduced significantly. As mentioned earlier, you can collect the rainwater effectively, and since the debris will remain in the grid, you don’t have to spend on water treatments either. With such systems, you are stabilizing, retaining, and protecting the entire site, and the price of installation is not high either.

If you wish to know more about gravel stabilizer, look for a good manufacturer who doesn’t mind sharing the details of their products and systems and can offer insight on environmental benefits. You may also want to get an estimate in advance, so as to compare the price of the system with the overall expected maintenance expenses per year.

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