Finding a Focus When Creating a Charity


If you have been mulling over the possibility of starting a charity, and you don’t know which way to go in your drive to improve the world, your state, or a favorite cause, there are a few things you may want to consider before jumping into the fracas with both feet. Since NCOs are established to produce or further a public good, you have to have more than a few aspirations to make your tax-exempt dream a reality. Here are three ways you can find your focus when creating a charity.

Find What You Love

You may like animals, and you jog every morning, but that doesn’t mean you want to dedicate years of your life in a charity focused on either. If you want to become a humanitarian, start an NGO. If the environmental issues make you crazy, how about developing an environmentally focused charity. If improving the lives of children is your dream, start an educational charity.

Classify Your Standing

Your charity can be a private foundation or a public organization, according to the IRS. Public charities are the organizations you hear about all the time, and they get most of their funds from the government or public donations. The private foundations can be formed and controlled by a group or family, and they are under strict guidelines about donations they must make each year.

Create a Mission Statement

One of the best ways to find a focus when creating your charity is to have a mission statement. On one of the social media sites belonging to Eyal Gutentag, he states what is important to him in the challenges of his work, but if you switch over to his official page, he creates a long mission statement for his life’s goals. That is how you create a focus for your charity – know what you want the end result to be.

You can create a charity if you know what you want the focus to be. Once you have your focus defined, create away!

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