When to Repair and Replace your Sanitary Pump


Sanitary pumps help keep your production area running. Depend on it for faster transport of liquid products from one place to another. Trust it to safeguard your products against contamination. Work is done in half the time and effort.

sanitary pumps work hard to serve you best. Some work as much as 24/7. Its use over time will reveal the normal wear and tear. Never overlook small issues. These machines may be durable but issues not acted upon promptly will become worse. This will cost you a lot. Solve minor issues over time. Deal with factors that may speed up this process. Be proactive.

If you have done whatever it takes and your dependable sanitary pump may not be performing like it used to. Show decrease in output or takes a longer time to complete a task, there is something wrong with it. You might need a minor repair. If the problems are serious, you might need a new one.

Signs that your sanitary pump needs repair

Won’t turn on

A sanitary pump that does not turn on may be due to blockage. If it is clear, chances are its cause is electrical. Check the wires or parts. It may have become loose or worn out through time and use. Call repair if needed. If efforts remain futile, a replacement is necessary.

Poor fluid flow

Poor fluid flow may be caused by a blockage, improperly installed parts or worn out parts. Drain the sanitary pump if there are solids that clog it. See to it that parts are properly installed. Turning the sanitary pump on with misplaced parts can damage the machine. Schedule a regular maintenance to prevent major damages to the unit.

Strange noise

An unusual noise that you hear from the unit signals a loose or worn out part. Service should be secured immediately once this happens. Delaying service will affect the lifespan and performance of your sanitary pump in the long run.

Unprofessional repairs

Never do self-taught repairs or quick fixes. Instead of fixing the minor defects, it creates a bigger problem. Sacrifice some time to stop the use of your sanitary pump rather than sacrificing the pump itself in quick fixes. Always seek the help of an expert. Their knowledge and skills allow them to manage the problem best.

These should start your sanitary pump running again for your needs in production processing. If you still have failed after doing all these methods, it’s no brainer that you need a new one. Get your sanitary pump at Flowtrend.

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