Top Uses Of Surplus, Used And Recycled Steel Pipes That Will Surprise You!


Some of the most common kinds of the surplus pipe are made up of stainless steel. While most of the people associate this material with tool boxes, cutlery, sinks, etc, there are many other ideal uses of it.

The steel and surplus pipe is available in wide array lengths, styles, and dimensions. The following article will highly educate you about some awesome ways in which they can be used in construction safely and legally.

Foundation Applications

These secondary materials can be exceptionally used in large number of construction applications relevant to developing a strong and solid foundation. One of the most common ways in which surplus pipe is used is piling. It offers stable foundation for the structures build over water like ocean canal, river, swampy land, bay, etc.


In some of the cases, secondary materials can also be reused for the actual purpose for which they were created. For instance, the used steel pipe can be reused and reconditioned in new location just like other durable and safe materials. It can also be used for gas and oil along with water pipelines.

However, it must be remembered here that surplus and used steel pipe must be tested for the durability and pressure resistance before being used in pressure situation. If it fails to pass test, it can even be used in the low pressure situations like transportation of water, oil, and gas. Just make sure to check out with the local regulations before you make use surplus steel for such cause.

Road Bore Casing

Surplus pipe can be used for many applications related to road bore casing. It is being used underneath the roadways for creating secure and stable casing designed to hold on smaller pieces of pipe that is likely part of larger pipeline section. The surplus and used steel pipe can also be easily cut down in different sizes and they are even available in a wide array of diameters too.

Surface casing

Surface casing is just another great application of surplus and used pipe. This application is basically useful for protecting the water sands at the oil fields from being contaminated. It is even used to prevent drilling fluids from leakage during the drilling. The pipe is generally set as the shallow depths near surface.

Surplus pipes that are made up of stainless steel are basically part of every office and home. There are many consumer and industrial benefits apart from the above mentioned ones that will amaze you!

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