Shane Perry Launches Marketing Services For Startups and Small Businesses


The importance of user experience is emphasized by almost every digital marketing guru and entrepreneur. Therefore, Shane Perry Marketing agency first starts with the basics that includes redefining your web design. If your web design is good, both search engine optimization and search engine marketing will yield good results in terms of visibility, traffic and higher ranks in organic search.

Shane Perry Digital Business Launches Marketing Services

Shane Perry is Maui based digital marketing entrepreneur and web designer.  He launched Shane Perry Marketing four years ago with the corporate motto –“We help brands stand out” and he is true to his words. With over 65 live SEO campaigns and over 400 first page positions, Shane Perry Marketing is a digital marketing agency with a difference.

Let’s discuss the way we work and strategies we implement to give you the best results.

SEO and SEM experts

Shane Perry Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency in Maui, Hawaii, has a team of SEO and SEM experts, who can bring the best of both worlds to you. Cutting edge SEO practices will help you attain organic rankings and visibility on search engines, whereas paid advertising on Google and social media will bring you instant traffic and leads. You can also utilize this traffic to build communities and grow your followers on social media. Later on, you can use those communities and followers to achieve your online marketing objectives, such as running promotional campaigns, contests and attracting traffic.

Planning first, execution next
Our in-house team will deliver you the marketing recipe that is bound to succeed on the Internet. We as an agency do not believe in hit and trial methods, rather we stress on doing our homework first. Understanding the turf allows us to take control of the playground.

We then formulate a strategy that is suitable for our clients and is effective in achieving their business goals. We constantly monitor and update our strategies at different stages of digital marketing. We also make sure that our services are affordable and flexible at any point of time.

The best business practices
The SEO and SEM professionals of Shane Perry know what is popular and trending in the market and how you can save your time to become successful on search engines. Since, Shane Perry is a specialized agency; their in-house marketing team will interact with you on a regular basis in order to stay up to date with one another. Playing nice with your clients always pays, as it helps encourage communication that leads to greater satisfaction. It helps keep things transparent and allows your clients to exercise greater control over the processes.

Leverage your weaknesses with our strengths
Every business has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can leverage the strengths of an agency to offset the impact of your marketing weaknesses. However, you need to be very careful here. Sometimes, businesses give agencies the targets that don’t match with their core capabilities. This is a surefire way to face poor results. In order to get the best of your partnership, allow the agency to do what they know the best.

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