DOCMSYS of San Diego: The Positive Impact Document Management Services Can Have on Your Medical Practice


Some organizations have to handle more clients records than others. Hospitals, clinics, and private medical practices usually have more records and documents that organizations in other industries. The compliance standards set by regulatory frameworks like HIPPA are strict and practices can lose their licenses if they fail to handle the documents with the highest level of integrity.

Because medical practices have to retain each patient’s file and secure it from unauthorized access, it can become challenging for these organizations to keep their information system intact especially if they are using a traditional system. DOCMSYS is a document management service San Diego company that has helped thousands of clients streamline their information system and reduce risks associated with these processes. Here are ways a medical practice can benefit from this service.

Reduce costs and Improve Efficiency

Physicians need to access documents every time they see a patient. The amount of documents a practice has to deal with is high enough to cause a storage crisis. DOCMSYS a document management services company San Diego provides document imaging solutions to help the organization transition into a paperless system that will reduce the amount of space taken by documents.

A document management system also consists of effective indexing strategies that are tailored to work seamlessly with all the critical processes in your organization. This improves the time it takes to retrieve documents whenever the physician needs to see the patient.

Traditional systems can take days to find, retrieve and update documents. This can reduce the quality of service delivery which in turn would have an impact on the organization. Transitioning to a paperless system can help these organizations reduce the amount of staff that has to handle documents and ensure that they are properly filed and retrieved.

Streamline Processes

A digital system makes it easier for several people to access the same file simultaneously. It is also possible to make these files accessible to multiple applications for data analysis. DOCMSYS ensures that these documents are stored in a file that is not proprietary. You can, therefore, integrate with your billing, accounting, and Enterprise Management Systems while still ensuring it will be available in the future when you need to replace these systems or install new applications. Software applications can enhance retrieval, archiving and collaboration within the organization, thereby reducing the amount of time and resources required to train staff.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Health practices are bound by regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HIPAA has very strict rules on the privacy of medical records. It outlines rules on billing, handling patient records, and coordination of health care with third-party providers.

Document Management Systems can help medical practices create an audit trail that can establish when, where, and who accessed files within the system. An electronic system can streamline access to documents by providing levels of access to individuals or groups based on their role in the organization. You can implement encryption and other security features to ensure that the files are safe but also accessible to staff at any time.

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