Using Color to Influence your Customers


There are many ways by which it will be possible to win and engage your customers One of the most effective, as backed by psychological studies, is the use of the right color. From your logo to your store design to your printed marketing materials, selecting the right color is critical. In the rest of this post, I will discuss how color in printed materials can be beneficial for your business.

Start with the Right Printer

To have colors that stand out and to make it influence the actions of your target market, you need to have the right printer. JJ Bender has a diverse selection of printers that will make this possible. With their range of equipment, you will be able to print your marketing materials in a cost-efficient manner while having an assurance that it will be able to influence your customers’ minds.

Check out JJ Bender and see how their used wide format equipment and other types of printers can be useful for your business.

Why Colors Matter

Color influences human behavior and emotions, which is why it’s an important element of your print marketing materials. Color psychology will help in maximizing the success of your efforts. While there are no universal truths about specific colors, more often than not, it will evoke the same responses and feelings.

Another important thing about color is that it helps in establishing the personality of your brand. Are you playful? Are you serious? Do you want to be seen as an authority in the industry? Think of how you would like to be perceived by the public and this will make it easier to choose colors that will represent your business.

 Color and their Meanings

Below are some of the most common colors that you can use, as well as their respective meanings:

  • Blue This is a good choice if you are targeting men. It’s associated with peace and reliability. For conservative brands and corporate offices, this is one of the favorite colors.
  • Red: If you are selling food, this color is a good choice as it’s known for stimulating the appetite. No wonder, this is a popular color used by fast-food chains.
  • Green: For health and nature, this is a common color that is used. It also tends to have a relaxing effect on customers.
  • Purple: According to Pantone Color Institute, this is the color of the year for 2018. It’s a color that is associated with wealth and royalty.
  • Orange: Along with yellow, this is a good color if you would like to evoke playfulness in your print material.
  • Black: For authority and power, this is a great color. It’s also frequently used to symbolize intelligence.
  • White: This is a color that is often used to show purity and cleanliness. It acts as a clean slate and can be effective in sparking creativity.

In sum, aside from generating the right content and having a design that catches attention, the choice of color is an important consideration when making print materials for your marketing initiatives. This will have a significant effect on the behavior and emotions of your customers.

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