How Can Property Owner Become Responsible For A Slip And Fall Accident


Slip and fall accidents can be very traumatizing for you. When you are at a public place and accidentally slip and fall, you may end up having major or minor injuries and sometimes the accident may even be fatal. In this situation, you must recognize that what caused the accident and if in any way it was due to the negligence of the property owner, they will be held accountable for it.

A premises liability injury case may involve accidents that cause you severe injuries. If you are victim of such cases, you are entitled to a compensation by the property owner for all your losses.

What Will You Have To Prove?

If you ever become victim of a slip and fall accident, you will have to prove that the injury caused to you was due to the gross negligence of the property owner. You will have to prove the following points:

  • The property was owned by the defender and he was responsible for maintaining and monitoring of the place.
  • The owner and caretaker knew about the potential dangers of the building and failed to repair and fix them.
  • The dangers in the premises prevailed prior the accident and the accident that happened was due to that specific defect in the building.
  • The defender’s negligence resulted in the accident and eventually caused you harm.

Examples of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many cases of slip and fall accidents all over the year. They could be minor or major depending on the injuries that are caused to the victim. There are some common examples of defects in the building that the owner neglects which results in such type of accidents.

  • When there is wet or slippery floor, the owner is responsible to put a signage indicating the same. Failure to do so may result in a dangerous accident and injure someone badly.
  • In case there is snow all over the place, the place must be closed or cleaned off before someone visits it. Icy walkways can cause deadly accidents of slip and fall.
  • Lighting can be one of the most common factors causing slip and fall accidents. Not having enough lighting may confuse a person and they may trip or slip while walking and hurt themselves.
  • Cluttered aisles or walkways are one of the most common reasons for slip and fall accidents.
  • Damaged floor, defected handrails or uneven surfaces are the actual causes of such accidents.

If You Are Injured

If in any unfortunate circumstances, you become a victim of slip and fall accident, you can file a claim for compensation against the property owner. You can testify your claim with evidence like witnesses from the place of accident, photos and videos. Your medical reports and medical bills will also support your claim and help you get the fair amount of compensation.

Slip and fall accidents when liability is someone else’s fault can be very traumatizing and painful. In case your accident is a major one, it is advisable to hire an attorney who will help you fight for your rights.

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