Best Sources of Energy in UK


It would be pertinent to mention here that Energy consumption in UK would be increased up by 50% between 2005 and 2030. The major reason would be attributed to the growing population and increasing demands of energy. Suppliers with commercial gas, Flogas and we looked into the various kinds of energy sources available in UK along with the reliability of these sources.

Fossil fuels

It makes for the most popular and easily available energy source in UK. It would comprise natural gas and coals. It has been supplying to the needs of the people in UK for a significant length of time.


Consumption for coal electricity reduced recently with the three coal power stations shut down. It has been on its lowest output in approximately 80 years.

Natural gas

Being a reliable source, natural gas could be used as and when required. It has been known to emit 45% less carbon dioxide as compared to coal and 30% less than oil. It does not affect the environment as much as other sources of energy. Gas could be used for commercial and domestic usage.

Renewable source of energy

It has been largely becoming popular in UK and across the world. Several nations have been investing in renewable source of energy such as solar panels and wind farms. However, a majority of people have been of the view that these could not be relied upon completely.

  • Wind power

It would be based on the speed of the wind for generating energy. Several wind farms have been generating more energy as compared to other available sources.

  • Solar energy

Solar energy has become popular source in UK and across the world. It would also be dependent on the intensity of the sunlight.

  • Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy has become widely popular in UK. This reliable form of energy could be used as and when needed.

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