Every Aspect Covered by Your Full-Service Security Company


Two primary definitions for the word “security” are: 1) the state of being free from threat or danger; 2) a private police force guarding a building, a campus, or another property. Of course, this word might also be used in discussing the action taken to guard against sabotage, espionage, or another type of crime.

These basic definitions should be enough for you to talk intelligently about the subject in very general terms. But when you are responsible for the security of your business assets, equipment, and employees, you’ll probably want to take your involvement to another level. Industry professionals might talk in terms of separating assets from possible threat and about controls, the methods used to maintain this separation.

Actual Manpower

Consult with a leading security company in Leeds and you’ll find that they can provide you with actual manpower, as in uniformed security guards, qualified and with all the necessary licensing in place. Use this method of separation as discussed earlier and they can help you reduce or eliminate criminal activity at your site. They may also be part of your health and safety practices and policies.

When you make your arrangements with an experienced company, you can choose to have them work covertly if necessary. Or you can have them act in an overt manner so all other staff members and potential troublemakers will know that you have the security situation well in hand. Of course, there are several other facets to effecting site security and separation of assets from potential threats.

For example, the same company providing experienced and qualified guards as described will generally be able to provide closed-circuit television (CCTV) services. The process would begin with a thorough site survey to determine specific needs to be addressed by the installation. With top-shelf services, you’ll also receive support that includes instruction on CCTV operation and necessary maintenance.

Planning and design are essential in this process so it’s important to work with experienced professionals who have plenty of experience serving valued customers. The goal, of course, is to provide the most effective camera coverage and the best-quality images.

There’s More

With a true full-service company of the type that you’re going to work with, you can also depend on them to provide labour to security-sensitive industries such as the rail network. This special task might include staff focused on safety, trade labour, manned guarding, and CCTV services as well as trained and certified rapid-response personnel.

And, if that’s not enough for your list of services from an experienced security company, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the availability of access control services. This might include installation of retina readers, card readers, proxy readers, visual recognition, audio recognition, and biometrics. Every installation will be on time and on budget.

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