A Guide to Sewer Adoption in the UK

A Guide to Sewer Adoption in the UK

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Sewer adoption is pretty much what it implies, and the process involves contacting your local water company, who has the concession to provide water and drainage facilities to individuals and businesses within their designated region, and applying to have your sewer adopted into the mains network. This can be a long and drawn out process, and the best way to handle it is to enlist the help of the contractor who built the sewer, as they would have a good working relationship with the regional provider, and would fully understand the adoption process.

Legally Binding Contract

When you apply to have a sewer adopted, there is much for the provider to consider, as they will be ultimately responsible for the sewer upkeep once it has been added to the network. Therefore, they need to absolutely certain that the design and construction are up to standard, before they will approve the application. The process for adoptable sewers involves making an application, and prior to doing that, there are lengthy PDF documents to wade through that detail the provider’s requirements, and in all honesty, this is best left to the sewer contractor, who has a wealth of experience in handling sewer adoption applications.

Sewer Design

This would have to be included in the initial construction plans, as it makes no sense to bring in the contractor after the building is finished, as the sewer design is an integral part of the plan. Sourcing the right contractor should be something that occurs at the very outset, when the project is still very much in the planning stage, and once the building blueprints are complete, the sewer contractor can calculate the waste requirements and design the sewer accordingly, and if you need a pumping station or drain off pits, they would be able to make cost-effective suggestions.

Sewer Construction

Once the design has been approved, the work can begin, and in line with the project schedule, the sewer can be constructed as per specification, and by using a single contractor, all your sewer needs can be handled by a single company, including the adoption process. Ideally, you need to source an established provider, and one that is approved by the relevant water company, which is a seal of approval in itself and virtually ensures that the sewer will be adopted. There are online specialists, and with a simple Google search, you can make contact with the right contractor at the very outset, ensuring that all your water and waste needs are in good hands.

Sewer adoption is a complex process and best left to the experts, and the same contractor who designs and builds your sewer would also handle the adoption process from start to finish. Sourcing such a contractor is easy with an online search, and once you have made contact, they can take the strain and you can forget about this essential service and focus on other aspects of the project.

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