What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed


Starting a business has never been easy. The risks are huge and for some the payoff isn’t quite what you thought it would be. Of course, not everyone who is an entrepreneur is out to make a million bucks, but that helps as well. For some, it is enough just to have the ability to work at something you love doing, get paid enough to make a living and feel the satisfaction of knowing you are doing it well.

But there is another breed of entrepreneur today, one that loves the thrill of starting up a new enterprise, finding the tools to make it successful and then selling it to move on to the next startup. We call these folks serial entrepreneurs and they may know something many business owners don’t. So, what does it take to be the kind of business person who can come up with an idea, map it out as a business and then implement it, then walk away once it is up and running successfully?

Risk Takers

Probably, the most obvious trait that someone who loves to start up new businesses must have, is the love of taking a risk. In fact, I would say that for many serial entrepreneurs, it goes beyond being willing to take a risk. Risk is what drives them, gives them a thrill and motivates them to keep making new businesses.

Just as someone who indulges in extreme sports gets a thrill from the risk of possible injury, and the adrenaline high while they are in the middle of the sport, these types of business people need the joy of risk taking in their lives. They live for it, you might say.

Love Cutting Edge Technology

Because we live in an age of technology and the constant shift of it in the business world, some thrill to be the first to use it. The kind of entrepreneurs we are talking about here will go out of their way to find the perfect business for some new cutting-edge technology.

A good example of this is the customer relationship management software from Microsoft, Dynamics CRM that is distributed by alphapeople. This kind of application can help enterprise businesses that are intent on growing their sales staff. It gives them organizational tools that serial entrepreneurs can use to create a dynamic and fast-moving company. Since growing businesses often fail because of a lack of organized growth, this is the perfect tool to grow a successful company, and that is why they tend to love it.


Of course, all of this points to a big trait amongst this type of business person. That is that they are always poised to take an opportunity when it arises. In fact, they are the kind of person who see opportunity where others may see problems. Because they tend to be innovative thinkers, they will see an opportunity and move on it quickly.

The combination of a personality that indulges in risk taking and sees opportunities in an unorthodox way is what makes this type of person successful. Of course, it can also make them someone who has a lot of weird things in their garage that have never quite worked. That is the difference between the neighborhood eccentric and the successful entrepreneur.

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