5 Things to Check before Appointing a Commercial Cleaning Service Provider


With the massive growth of commercial and industrial services, the demand for commercial cleaning services is increasing at an exponential rate. From cleaning the offices regularly to commercial kitchens, hotels and medical suites, modern professional cleaning companies are equipped with all the latest tools and practices to keep any commercial zone hygienic, sparkling and well presented.

If you are on the lookout for a professional cleaning service provider, an Australian cleaning company CEO with 22 years’ experience in the commercial cleaning industry has just released a checklist you can quickly and easily use to determine whether any given service provider is capable of giving you the quality and reliability of service you are looking for in a cleaner. Here’s five things to check before appointing a commercial cleaning provider.

  1. Do they have the training, expertise, and experience required?

Before hiring any commercial cleaner, it is very important to have a clear view of the service provider. There are a few companies that have the expertise and proficiency in cleaning restaurant kitchens or the large kitchens of confectionaries, hotels, hostels, and other commercial areas. How long have they been in the business? Do they have any industry recognised certifications?

  1. Do they have an excellent track–record?

Before hiring a cleaning company, make sure they have done a consistently good job. Though expertise and experience count a lot, you also have to ascertain how reliable they are based on what their existing and past clients have to say about their experience in working with them.

Most of them have their own websites where the success stories are explained with pictures and the testimonials of the clients. Read the stories and find out how diligently, conveniently and quickly they have delivered their services.

  1. Do they have trustworthy references?

Ask around. Getting a referral for a professional cleaner from a trustworthy source could save you a lot of hassle in the long run. It’s better to find out what the service is like beforehand if possible, business colleagues are a good resource for candid information. Knowing whether a cleaning service will be consistent and reliable months down the road is valuable information! Otherwise you can find yourself on the treadmill, going through the whole process of finding and interviewing potential candidates again in a matter of months.

  1. Can they serve both big and small customers?

Find out whether they have the expertise and experience of handling projects for both the small and large commercial sectors. If you are a small business entrepreneur, you will want the cleaner to be affordable and skilled at the same time. Industry owners will look for companies that have all the amenities and cutting edge technology to offer them the best commercial cleaning service.

  1. Are Their Staff Police Checked?

Cleaning, by its very nature is best done after hours, and few people in any organisation will have the kind of unsupervised access to a facility than the cleaner. This is why you should request that all your cleaners have been put through a police check, before working on your site, as part of your contract agreement.

Check all these factors before initiating a hire contract with a professional cleaner for your business. It will not only save you time and money, it will help ensure you get the right contractor for the job, who will manage all your cleaning needs so you can focus on the things that earn you money.


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