Simple Ways to Build Lean Muscle Mass without Adding Fat


The only formula to build lean muscle mass consists of two things, weight training and the right diet. Many people concentrate more on their exercise routine, whereas some give importance to their diet. Your diet must include healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates and a small amount of fat. Daily I hear many complaints about the extra calorie consumption. Before reading this article, it is imperative to clear your mind from preconceived notions or information about bodybuilding. I will tell about genuine means of building lean muscle without increasing fat. You may have earlier read about benefits of Tri-Trenbolone. Do not consume it by yourself, have a word with your physician before using this supplement.

Diet and nutrition

As I have already mentioned above that the selection of the right food is important. This will help you build muscle at a much faster rate than before. The right diet will also prevent you to from adding fat to your body. A balanced diet is essential because it will give energy to exercise and nutrients will help your body to recover.

When we talk about muscle building the only element, which comes in our mind, is protein. This is considered as the building blocks to grow your muscles size and strength. Consume milk chicken, fish eggs and lean meat because they are full of protein. In case you are a vegetarian, you can opt for plant-based proteins like grains, nuts, seeds legumes and non-dairy milk,

You can also opt for creatine, which is another dietary element and used for building lean muscle mass. This comes in the category of amino acids, which is synthesized in liver and pancreas. You will find this in fish and meat. Carbohydrates also play a role in muscle building because it will give energy to your body. Carbohydrates are of three types, fibrous, simple and complex. Fibrous carbohydrate is available in fruits and vegetables. Simple carbohydrate is found in sugar. Complex carbohydrate is available in rice, cereal, bread and pasta. You should not take more than eight servings of carbohydrates in a day. Now at last comesfat, which is also essential. Many people ask that how they can eat fat at the same time when they are struggling to get rid of it. The answer to this question is simple that you can opt for saturated or healthy fats.


It is essential to drink an adequate amount of water regularly to keep your muscles healthy. If your body is suffering from lack of water, your muscles will not work properly. You need to consume at least of eight glasses of water every day. Moreover, the intake of water is also dependent on the kind of physical activity you are doing and the temperature around you. Your physician will tell you about the benefits of Tri-Trenbolone, do not consume it with consulting him.

Training routine

Train your body parts six days a week and give complete rest on the seventh day. Do not train the same body part the next day; you can opt for alternate days. Train your back and biceps on Monday, then repeat this routine on Thursday. On Tuesday, you can train chest and triceps you will repeat on Friday. On Wednesday, involve yourself in training legs and shoulders and repeat this routine on Saturday.

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