Shredding Business Documents Off-Site


One factor that many new business owners don’t consider is how to effectively dispose of paper waste in a busy office environment. Very often paper will contain many little bits of sensitive information. The information could include personal and financial details of clients, suppliers and employees. Without the proper disposal, your company could end up facing a legal dispute due to data privacy laws or face the prospect of identity theft taking place due to burglary. The only way to ensure this does not occur is to dispose of your business paper waste through a professional off-site shredding service. If you are looking for a company that offers shredding, there are a number of benefits, and practices, to be aware of.

Removing paper waste from your office through an off-site shredding service works in a way that suits all parties concerned. It means that your staff don’t have to go through the rigmarole of learning the processes of shredding correctly and effectively, where to dispose of shredded waste and the time and money associated with all of that. Aside from that, a company that comes to you becomes part of the culture of recycling as a company. It’ll soon become second nature to place paper waste in the dedicated and secure box, before it is regularly taken away to a secure location to be shredded and recycled.

One of the major benefits to working with a dedicated off-site shredding company is that they will almost certainly ensure that your paper waste is recycled. On-site shredding so often ends in the paper waste being bagged up and placed with the rest of the waste from an office. And quite often, that just ends up in the local landfill rather than a recycling centre. In terms of privacy law, the data protection act allows you to keep sensitive data and documents for only the amount of time it is pertinent to your business, beyond that they have to be destroyed in a way that information cannot be stolen by others and used for identity theft or other criminal activities. A shredding service will be worked in a way that they can never see the documents that are being collected, not until they are shredded and unreadable.

You’ll know for sure that your documents have been shredded securely from high quality shredding companies as they will provide you with a certificate of destruction once a job has been completed. In the event of legal proceedings in future this document will cover you legally as you have been officially told that your documents have been securely moved to a private location and the paper waste disposed of in the correct fashion.

Off-site shredding is a cost effective solution to office paper waste. Should you own a business or manage the day-to-day duties of the office environment it is the perfect way to ensure documents that contain sensitive information are disposed of in a legal and correct manner.

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