Flexible Services Provided By Moving Companies for Better Relocation Experience


Relocation can drain you, so it is essential to hire a moving company. The professionals handle each aspect right from planning to implement the relocation process. Accessorial services offered can significantly increase the speed and effectiveness of the move.

Flexible services mover companies’ offer

Moving companies provide domestic, office, and industrial moving services. Relocation is done with professionalism with advanced knowledge about using safe way to transport fragile or bulky items from one place to another. They disconnect electrical appliances from your old home and reset them in your new place.

Packing and unpacking

Certainly, you can pack your cherished items with utmost care for safe shipment, during transit. Proper packing needs time, energy as well as special padding and wrapping materials. In addition, they will put coded stickers on every package and item. This inventory is actually very helpful because the movers are liable for everything they moved.

Packing can be a tedious task but professionals are experienced in concluding the packing process rapidly and efficiently. Actually, they will be liable for transit damages, if they are engaged for packing. On request, you will be provided with unpacking services, when the items reach the designated destination.

Disassemble & reassemble furniture

Large furniture needs to be disassembled for moving. Professionals own specialised equipment and knowledge to dismantle the furniture and load it securely inside the moving truck and deliver it in perfect condition to your new place. They preassemble the furniture at the new place, so you get to start using it immediately.

Rigging or hoisting

Large appliances or furniture that cannot be moved due to narrow, hallways, steep staircase or doors will need rigging system. Movers are well experience and possess special equipment needed to do this special moving service.

Warehouse facility

Due to some issues, moving in your new home is impossible. Movers like A.G. Jacob & Sons have a storage facility, which allows consumers to store their goods for a short term.

Carrying packages manually

Sometimes, there is insufficient parking space in front of new or old property. Moving truck has to be parked at considerable distance from home entrance. You will need to pay them for carrying the shipment from the house to the moving truck.

When you plan moving details, remember extra services are not included in their estimate. Make sure you discuss the services you need in detail with the hired moving company. Before signing, check to see if their service charges are stated in detail, on their bill of lading.

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