Linen Hiring or Buying – Which is Better?


As the Airbnb website clearly states, ‘hospitality is the key to success’, so if you’re to ensure your guests have a fantastic stay at the apartment or house that you let out on the world’s most popular homestay website, you need to make sure that everything is perfect.

A common problem that many guests encounter when letting apartments and houses on this website, one that has revolutionised the way many people travel and stay around the world, is poor quality bed linens or towels, or is often the case, no bed linens and towels at all.

To make sure your accommodation shines brighter than others and gets you great reviews that translate into greater occupancy rates and, hopefully, higher letting rates, you can’t overlook the importance of providing your guests with high-quality linens, the kind that feel and smell great.

Basically, you have two choices here – buy your own linens and towels and take care of the laundry yourself or hire them from the leading linen hire provider Johnsons Stalbridge. That’s what we’ll be discussing here, the advantages of buying or hiring linens for the apartment or house you let.

Buying or Hiring – The Advantages

There are advantages to both buying or hiring the bed linens and towels you need for your homestay business, so it’s important to gain an understanding of the two and then work out which option is the better one for you.

Cost-Effectiveness – This depends on a variety of factors, such as the quality of the linens you buy or hire, how you get them laundered if you buy your own and the rates you pay to hire linens from a local service provider. In most cases, if you’re after high-quality linens and towels, you’ll find it more cost-effective to hire rather than buy. This is because:

  • You won’t have to replace the sheets, pillow cases and towels that you buy
  • Quality linens are often very expensive, so the initial outlay costs are high
  • If the linens or towels were torn or stained you would pay for replacements

More often than not, hiring linens over buying is the more cost-effective choice.

Convenience – If you’re to make a great impression on your guests the linens you provide them with must be expertly laundered so that they feel and smell great – you can’t overlook the importance of this. Laundering linens and towels can be a time-consuming task, especially if you want to do the job properly, so Airbnb letters often find that it’s simply far more convenient to use linen hire services.

This would provide you with more time to concentrate on promoting your apartment or house and if you’re working, then you’ll be able to enjoy your time away from work more as you won’t need to spend as much time preparing the accommodations in readiness for guests.

Whether you receive a couple of guests a week or your lodgings are in great demand all year round, you’ll find hiring rather than buying linens and towels is the smart choice for your Airbnb business.

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