Creating a Passionate Workplace


If you own a company with a number of staff in place, the best way to ensure the business continue to constantly move forward and evolve in a successful way. One way in which to create a clear and winning vision for your company is to undertake organizational development courses, providing a clear vision and signposts along the way, that trickle from the very top of a company, down to staff being inducted on their first day of work.

Creating a passionate workplace isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Of course, if you’ve started a business you’ll have a real passion for the goods and services that are specific to your company, you’ll have put the hard hours of work into design and development, pitched potential investors for funding and watched your dream become a reality when doors have opened for the first time. But what about your staff members? Most of them are just earning a living; sure you’ll have in place a hiring process that brings you quality across the board, with the required skillset, but it is only a job for most of your staff.


This isn’t to say that it isn’t possible to ignite a passion in your staff and create a workplace that thrives on a drive and determination to succeed as a company, but you have to put in the hard work to get there.

Everything about your company’s ethics, viewpoints, desires and goals has to come from the very top. A clear vision gives your employees a large target to aim for, sparking discussion, employee engagement and a better chance of commitment from all parties.

It isn’t just the big picture stuff that can inspire your staff, however, once you have the larger long-term target in place you can put together a methodology and framework to reach that target. If every team member understands that they are important with individual targets for them to meet that are clearly going to contribute to the larger target they will remain motivated.

Another way you can energise your employees is to offer perks and rewards within the framework of the target setting and also to open up clear lines of dialogue between staff and management. If your staff understand that there is an open and private place for them to talk about their worries and put forward any specific problems they may be having, the whole environment becomes a trusting one with everyone working together for the same goal.

If you put in place a framework and roadmap for success, and your staff have a clear vision as to what is expected from them individually, and as a team, you will see real reward over time in terms of progress and profits. Take an approach that sets realistic targets that all aim toward a singular clear goal for the company, and your staff are more likely to buy into it and become passionate about their job. It’s unlikely you’ll ever find someone as passionate as you are about your business, but that’s ok!

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