Check These Basic Tips For Completing Your CPE Requirements


Accounting practices and tax norms change almost every year. Needless to mention, accountants need to keep up with these developments. However, if you are a CPA, you probably know that continuing education is not a choice. Like many other professions, accountants are required to complete CPE (Continuing Professional Education) courses to renew and maintain their license. In this post, we will talk about some simple things that will help you in completing your CPE requirements easily.

Start with the basics

As mentioned, CPE requirements are compulsory for CPAs. Such requirements vary by state and are laid down by regulatory bodies. Besides all the other things you do as an accountant, you have to review the state requirements periodically. It is important to mention here that continuing education is not just about maintaining your license. CPE courses can improve and change your career forever. Clients and businesses are extremely careful about choosing accounting and tax services these days, and they are usually interested in knowing about their accountant’s qualifications.

Make time for learning

A vast majority of states require CPAs to complete an average of 40 CE hours each calendar year. Now, this seems pretty doable, but most accountants tend to keep things for the last minute, especially if the renewal term is long. For example, if the license renewal period is three years, you have to complete 120 hours of CPE learning. There are various ways to complete your requirements, but most CPAs prefer learning online. You can find mobile CPE courses and other options, which can be completed at your convenience. Keep in mind that every state doesn’t require accountants to submit/report report CPE information annually, but you are subject to edits. Make sure to take at least a couple of hours each week to complete these courses.

Finding a website

There are all sorts of websites that offer CPE courses for CPAs. However, take your time to evaluate a few of them. Besides the regular courses, you may need to take an ethics course at some frequency. Ethics requirements also vary by state, and you need a website that offers everything in one place. You can check about us among other options. Courses offered by such websites should be diverse and affordable, and some portals may offer free courses, which can be an added benefit.

Start early to avoid last minute rush. Since missing credits can cause license suspension, you might want to plan your schedule.


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