9 Tips for Shooting Better Videos + Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting

9 Tips for Shooting Better Videos + Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting

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Do you wish to be a better videographer? Do you have a great camera but unsure of h to utilize all features? Video cameras come with unique features.  Thankfully, great videos do not require the use of all features. Your videography knowledge on the kind of shooting and the right camera is important. Practice culminates in excellence. Read your tips for  mad videography adeptness below:

  1. Frame well

Fill up your frame with your subject. The best Seattle video training company encourage every videographer to place subjects in the middle of the frame. Framing pulls attention from background distractions resulting in the best videos.

  1. Don’t overuse the zoom-feature

Learning takes time. Go light on the zoom button to get out of the amateurs league. Zoomed in subjects give videos an amateurish feel and a dizzy look. If you must zoom, make it slow and steady. Do not zoom out too soon. Avoid digital zooms unless for close-up dancing pixels.

  1. Different vantage points

Use the most effective shooting angle. Plan before the shoot. Identify different vantage points before the shoot for excellent shots. Angles add drama to the video shoots. Kneeling down to you subject’s size is highly recommended.

  1. Minimal use of wide shots

Your professional path to the top is simplified when you avoid some common mistakes. Get specific with your shots. Use wider sweeps to establish location. Great videos result from attention to details.

  1. Record in widescreen

Videos are watched on different devices with varied screen sizes. However, great ads or movies are shot on 16:9 widescreens. Widescreens capture and project video details better than a small screen.

Seattle video production companies and all other great video production companies use this feature for high-quality videos.

  1. Avoid backlighting

Backlit shots result in uncomfortable and too bright lights with halos of dark figures. Backlighting leads to no visible features of your subjects. The best video moments are lost in the process. Move from one side of the light to another to improve image quality in backlit situations.

  1. Use a tripod

Shaky hands are a videographer’s recipe to horrible movies. You cannot correct your shaky hands easily even with the best camcorders or DSLR cameras. Tripods are affordable. End your horrible video shoot sessions with a good-quality tripod. Do not depend on the stabilizers when shaking uncontrollably.

  1. Have enough storage space

Invest in storage space once you have a good video camera. Seattle video production companies understand well dangers associated with insufficient storage and backups. Don’t be a culprit. Losing clients because of past mistakes and lack of storage space shouldn’t be your battle.  Opt for the long-play mode if running out of space with no backups.

  1. Keep spare batteries

Seattle video training production emphasizes the importance of battery life and availability of power. Your work is to give footage. Some events do not have take-twos. Do not disappoint your clients or land negative reviews for short battery life. Some spare battery options have longer battery life than original batteries. Invest in these.


Practice these tips to build your videography expertise and portfolio. Avoid clumsy videography mistakes.

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