Keeping in Style and up with the Dress Code: Uniforms Edition


Sometimes a dress code can feel restrictive, especially when you have a unique style that you might find hard to integrate into a dress code. But a dress code doesn’t have to be boring and you can still get your style on. Most dress codes are flexible enough that you can fit some of your style in and feel confident in what you wear.

Establishing a work uniform that suits you should be fun because you can experiment with what you like best and suits your style. Here are some tips for keeping stylish with your uniform:

Check the Dress Code First

Before you go on a shopping spree, it might be a good idea to check the dress code at your workplace. Some workplaces might have more strict dress codes than others, so make sure to check yours out. Don’t worry if your dress code seems daunting. You can work within it and still express yourself. It might be a challenge, but that can make it more fun!

Choose Colours and Patterns That Suit You

Colours can make your uniform pop or blend, depending on your preference and your work environment. To help you out, you should first determine if you have a warm or cool skin tone. One way to determine your skin tone is to try holding a piece of white paper or clothing up to your face. If your skin appears yellowish next to the paper, you have a warm skin tone; if it appears pinkish or bluish-red, you have a cool skin tone; and if your skin appears ashy, you probably have olive skin and/or neutral undertones. From there, you can determine the colours that suit you best.

When it comes to patterns, try to keep them simple, especially in an office environment. Also, make sure to pick appropriate patterns. To get an idea of what’s appropriate, try paying attention to what your coworkers wear as a guide.

Get the Right Fit

Getting the right fit is important for a few reasons. For starters, the right fit will help you to stay comfortable throughout the workday. Also, the right fit will make your uniform look better. A well-fitted outfit also looks more styled as well as more professional so you can be confident in the way you look and focus on the task at hand.

Make Sure Your Clothes Make You Comfortable and Confident

One of the most important things to remember when dressing for work is to make sure that you like what you wear and you feel confident in what you wear. When you’re confident, you’ll be able to do a better job and keep positive. Even little things like hair and accessories can really increase your confidence on the job.

Making work uniforms work for you and keeping in style can be a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. Shopping online can give you lots of selection at affordable prices, bringing you quality and convenience all in one place.

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