Busting 3 Basic Myths about Event Management!


Managers often know the pain and donkeywork that goes behind scheduling an event. As more companies spend resources on organizing events, conferences, launches, promotional campaigns and marketing functions, the need for event management continues to increase. To be precise, smart brands don’t burden their managers with the task of hunting for suppliers and venue. Instead, they hire experts for that extra cost and ensure that the entire planning is done within the given budget.

If you are still contemplating over hiring an event company Singapore, here are some myths busted in detail


Myth 1: Event companies are expensive

As a manager, you may have spent hours learning the different aspects of project management. The same goes true with event planners. Such companies know the varied kind of eventualities, issues and complicated situations that may emerge for a specific launch or conference, and they are paid for managing everything, including the mishaps. They have the right kind of business inputs and can help you with saving on suppliers, caterers, venue and everything else. Whatever extra you pay them for organizing the entire work, you are going to probably save much more in return.


Myth 2: Smaller events don’t need expertise

Even if you are just organizing an in-house event for employees or want to just launch a small product, there is nothing like genuine planning. Event companies are beaming with ideas, and with the smallest budgets, they can do some amazing things. You can talk in detail about the kind of response or results you want to generate from an investment, and they will guide you with new ideas. Make sure that you discuss all your points, and with the right kind of approach, the ROI will be better than expected.


Myth 3: All event management firms are the same

False. Event management is all about experience, and it is always a good idea to hire a team you can trust. Check the kind of work they have done so far, and if needed, you can ask for case studies, examples or even a few references. Don’t rush in taking the decision, because events are pretty common and you need that one company that can handle most kind of requirements. Take your time to evaluate their planning process, which is often an indicator of good arrangement.


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